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A change of pace... Stop-Motion Animated Jurassic Park

Here are some more pics. I love the stop-motion dinosaur armatures and how they mechanized them to feed data back for the CG animation,

Have included some props from other movies as well, see what you can recognize.

And someone had asked about R2D2 so uploaded a pic from a shoot I did with he and 3P0. Hope you enjoy these. Sorry for all the pics, hope it’s not too much.


Wow! :grinning: I love the dinosaur armatures. I read somewhere once that a person should never see how rides or movies are created because it ruins the magic. I dont feel that way. It makes me appreciate it that much more. :blush:

I have to admit, the geek in me freaked out (in a good way) when I saw R2D2 and C3PO. :heart: Being a Star Wars fan, this made me super happy. :grinning:

Yes, the old, practical vfx are pretty amazing.

Yep huge Star Wars fan myself. Maybe someday I will post up some of the Vader pics…

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Is that the dragon from Dragon Heart? :heart_eyes:

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Looks like it!

Also seeing some Starship Troopers stuff


I would love to see Vader! :heart_eyes:

I’ve always considered myself more light side than dark side, but I’ve always found Vader interesting. I can hear James Earl Jones voice right now (amazing!). If I am not wearing one of my light side shirts, I’m almost always wearing Vader. :blush:

Yep, it sure is! I actually have one of the original motion control rigs from the film. Pretty fun stuff!

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Yes, lots of Starship Troopers props there. Including some full sized limbs and some weapons,

Okay, just for you @QueenRexy I will post a couple. It’s from an event I got to do with George Lucas and Sam Witwer. Let me find a couple of shots…

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Some Vader pics @QueenRexy

Hope you enjoy them, even if you’re one of the good guys :blush:

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That is so cool! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks @QueenRexy. Did some work as Vader for LFL for a little while. Was really an honor and a lot of fun.

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I bet! I’m sure you have lots of good stories! :grinning::open_book:

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Yep, some pretty good ones… fun times!

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