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A change of raid bosses is needed every month?

Before I go on I think raids are great. They have added a new dynamic to the game and I enjoy doing them.

HOWEVER, after the 4th week they are becoming kind of stale (not Mortem however) and this opinion has also been expressed by other alliance members. Once you have a solid strategy in place that works raids end up like Groundhog Day.

Mortem is different. Despite having beaten it all 4 weeks (10 each time :frowning:) our strategy is still evolving to be as foolproof and successful as possible.

If I (and other alliance members) had the time I think we would try different strategies but we all have lives and jobs

SO, a change of bosses (not Mortem) would be appreciated every month, just like tournaments, daily mission rewards, PvP, alliance rewards to keep raids interesting.

I would be more than interested to hear other people’s thoughts too?

EDIT: Another minor grumble. The amount of rewards sucks. For taking down a giant mutant trex thing you get about 1500 common and 200 rare.

A bit of coin would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


If more bosses are added…
… what about just releasing 2 into the wild at the same time? What would be wrong in being able to fight Nemys and Grypol at the same day?


I think level 10 rare raid boss would be nice for lower level players or those who just started playing. And good chance to get some rare dna.


Who is Gryol? @Starlinger27

Agree. Raids were something that generated some excitement for all of a week.

Once I’ve done a raid and got the main DNA I really have little interest to waste my time for the minimal rewards that battling a second time brings as well as how long they take (Sino being the exception - thank you Indom G2). I only do it to help alliance members or friends in other alliances who haven’t completed it yet.

So much promise, but once again, stale, predictable and not rewarding enough.

The fact they’re changing the amount of Mortem you can possibly get is also annoying.

The only thing Ludia can get right is getting it wrong all the time!

Grypolyth. It was leaked to be the next unique boss

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oh, ok

This should be polled. 3 options. Status quo. Double spawn. Change spawn.