A Change To Antarctovena

Antarctovenator is stated as the most balanced creature in the game yet it is deleted in higher arenas,i decided to gave it some raid use but nerfed the basic,also gave Revenge Definite Rampage target all Opponents in Revenge,i hope y’all like this buff

Plus also made the counter target all opponents cause i tried it to be a flock killer

It arguably is the most balanced creature in the game, and it being outclassed doesn’t mean it’s weak, it means that Ludia is trying to make money (powercreep in simple terms). Arctoven isn’t even bad in higher arenas either, it can be used in Library and Gyro with success. Buffing Arctoven does nothing but turn it into another cash cow while everything else continues to rot away. Buffing a creature that doesn’t need buffing won’t solve any issues, and I think we learned that already with Giganyx.


Yes i do know that

But these meta creatures just defeat it so easily

Uhhhh Unneeded Hydra Buff?

Let’s keep it that way. The game will slowly start to become more unbalanced as the roster of useless creatures increases. Once it gets bad enough, either Ludia will have to give us the game revamp we want, or they give us a legitimate reason to finally quit the game.


Fun Fact:Every Common is useless,let’s just wait for Some Rares

Just give Antarctovenator full speed decrease and stun immunity and that’ll be the buff it needs

Similar to Troodoboa but Troodoboa could use 4200 HP

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Again, Antar doesnt need a buff in any way. Antar is with Poukan the most balanced creatures in this game at this moment. And becuase top meta like Albertocevia, Rexy ETC. Destroy Antar doesnt mean she is in anunbalanced state.

but 50% decel resistance on it is useless because it can neither decelerate itself nor cleanse it

And 75% stun resistance is too rng for me but that’s just me(why do this to Antarctovenator and Troodoboa Ludia why)