A Change To Other Uniques

Gave Geminititan another thing from Koolabourgiania,also added Precise to it’s rampage
While Spinos already got buffed,it needs another buff,here is it
Testacornibus problem is it has too many cleanse moves,so gave it a Non-Cleanse move
People rarely run spyx,so gave it some use,gave it a useful counter, toned down the Distraction Resistance cuz it is made out of a Fierce,gave it a On escape cuz of Spinonyx,i hope y’all like these changes

Gemini needs a shielding group decelerating rampage instead
Albertospinos needs to do 1x swap in damage instead
Testa’s shield should have a cooldown of 1 and the distraction should be 1 t 2 attacks
Spyx’s distraction should go to 25% and needs to do 33.4