A Change To Rinex

Another Topic because why not

Rinex is prob helpless without a Tyrant,the only raid it was useful on was the old Mortem Rex Raid,while giving it more raid use,changed its class while giving it a On Escape to help it kill some creatures swapping out,also hope y’all like this buff


The 4200 HP was added cuz of Dracorex,who has 4800 HP

It seem likes it’s effectively getting a buff for 2.17 You should be happy!

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Remove the distracting impact change,don’t change it,also lower the attack

Maybe give it Tough Group Cunning Strike

Yea but it will be too OP i guess


Much better but change the swap in to a on escape

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Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a rinex buff, but where does it say she’s getting one?

Here is my ideal utarinex buff.

First off, hp buff to 3900 because it’s right in the middle of dracorex and utasino.
Second, a little armor buff to make up for relatively low hp, and to help against other cunnings.
Third, precise rampage and run to counter sr3 and indom
Fourth, Distracting charge to cover the off chance you don’t roll the stun (trust me, it happens WAY more than it should. I of all people would know)
Fifth, buffed the two MOST important resistances for rinex. Stun and pin immunity. Ludia, why would you give a unique runner 34% pin resistance? It’s honestly an insult to us players, and a smack in the face to poor rinex.

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I approve of this buff as a rinex user myself

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This buff is coming from a rinex user myself :slight_smile:


Unboosted for now


Cunning strike to Tough Group Cunning Strike and change RaR to Stunning RaR and everything is good, adding Critical On Escape will help too.

Nope,giving rinex a group attsck will make it too strong

Why? Why tho?

And if it’s just a strike, it won’t be that useful anyway.

No it won’t lol. You have no idea how much rinex struggles in this meta. I really think it should have a group distracting impact (that actually distracts for 2 turns) to help it out with the flocks it shouldn’t be walled so hard by, and to give it raid viability. Rinex is a Dino that has a lot of potential that the devs haven’t taken action on. I hope the buff to her this next update will help, but I don’t have my hopes up.

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If anything,rinex needs some resilient moves because all of its moves are either cunning or neutral.It should get something like ankylo lux damage and run