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A closer look at Hadros Lux

To be honest, I was expecting a Camp Cretaceous update with creatures like an adult Bumpy, Toro, etc, but I think they might save that for season 2 when they introduce more creatures, like the Baryonyx trio and Ceratosaurus. Technically we did get 1 Camp Cretaceous creature this update though, the Hadros Lux!

Whilst it is not directly the Bioluminescent Parasaurolophus, it still partially resembles it. Plus in case you did not know, Hadros Lux, just like the made up name Mortem Rex meaning Death King, the name actually means Bulky Light, either that or it is short for Light Hadrosaur. So yes, if I did not make it clear enough Lux translates to Light. So whilst Mortem Rex was focusing its name around death, Hadros Lux is focusing its name around light or “bioluminescence”.

Now it’s a bit weird we didn’t get the normal bioluminescent Parasaurolophus as Jurassic World The Game got it, but none of the actual common-unique creatures in this game glow, only Apex, but still, it doesn’t glow pink like in the series? Well in the series there actually were slightly blue bioluminescent Para’s.

Also the Bioluminescent Parasaurolophus in the Jurassic World Minecraft Mod is blue if that had to do with anything?
Anyway I’m thinking the Jurassic World The Game crew and the Jurassic World Alive crew did a rock paper scissors split thing on who got to have which coloured Bioluminescent Para and the JWTG crew clearly got the pink one.

Anyway, lets have a bit of a look on how we could possibly defeat this Hadros Lux in raid battles.
So one clearly obvious thing here is that it does not have a defense shattering move, so already I can see something that can potentially work with a level 11 Epic being brought to the raid. Bring 4 creatures that all have Instant Invincibility. Each move 1 player will go for instant invincibility whilst everyone else attacks, so all you have to bring is a level 11 Ankylosaurus that can do Group taunting shields to protect the whole team and then do Instant Invincibility Taunt when needed, you should also bring along other things such as Tryko, Dioraja and maybe Ardentis, so possibily you can do it without a healer, but lets get into why you will probably need a healer. I can see 2 flaws to this plan.
Hadros Lux

  1. Clearly we will have different minions with Hadros Lux, last time we got 2 with Mortem a (Cunning) Velociraptor and a (Wild Card) Majungasaurus, so if what I am thinking is right, the counters to these boss creatures make up 1 of the minions, whilst the other is a Wild Card. E.g The Cunning Velociraptor beats the Fierce Class(Which Mortem is). So I am thinking with Hadros Lux we will have 1 fierce minion (Probably Allosaurus or Tarbosaurus) and this is where shields will not work so you will have to get rid of them as soon as possible. We will also probably have 1 wild card creature? I’m thinking a Common Parasaurolophus would be cool alongside Hadros Lux, but I honestly do not know. So if you’re bringing shielding creatures, the fierce minions will clearly counter them, unless you can get all your creatures to target and kill the fierce minions first so they can’t destroy your shields.

    Now on to number 2: The second flaw is that Hadros Lux surely has to have a group attack, meaning even if you put up your instant invincibility, everyone else will still get attacked.

    Also to add on, you’re going to want to make sure you aren’t using Mutual Fury on Hadros Lux unless you have a Cunning creature to remove the attack increase off it(Which you shouldn’t, because cunning creatures will be easily destroyed by Hadros Lux, probably) because if Hadros Lux has its Instant Heal in battle and you give it an attack increase, that’s going to be a load of health you have just given back to it, so be very careful of that.
    Hadros Lux Glow
    Hopefully this has helped prepared us a bit for the Lux that is coming our way. Hopefully my strategy helped and you enjoyed a couple of the facts I provided along the way. Also hope you like the Hadros Lux design, I’m thinking the actual Hadros Lux will look more beastly with spikes and all, but I hope you like that one for now. Anyway leave any strategies, facts or just comments below on what you think of Hadros Lux, are you guys also looking forward to the second Apex boss?


To me he looks like a hybrid between cryphosaurus and para


A dawn of new apex… hello apex herbivore

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they have brought you lunch, the snacks were getting boring.

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LOL, had time to start working on a strategy to beat Lux, so I google it to get it’s stats, and I ended up straight here. Got to love google. Thank you for what you did so far… First turn could end up being similar to Mortem somewhat: Tuo to speed the team (and heal later), maybe Dilo to tame down the beast (and heal if needed), and two Tryko which should get rid of one small dino and leave the other one crippled. Turn 2: Tuo group heal, Dilo finish small dino, and simply making sure one of the Tryko use instant shield on rampage when needed. That’s if the group attack is resilient strike, and it’s low enough to not kill any dinos on turn 1, particularly Dilo since it would take a counter attack and group attack… Sure enough, a boosted Gemini would be quite an asset, but this may not be as easily available… Looking forward to get the final numbers for the boss and find out which pesky little dinos we will have to beat first!

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Do you guys think that Entelolania could actually be quite good against Hadros Lux?
Entololania has armor, shields, healing and attack increasing (which increases the amount it heals).

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If it had a group healing move or two then it might be viable, but Emergency Heal isn’t that great in most scenarios. Plus Bellow is pretty useless, they could at least have given it Taunting Bellow.
It’ll be alright, but probably not great.

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To add on that, Emergency Heal doesn’t heal the group, only the targeted ally, so one would have to be careful on whoever might need saving the most in that immediate moment.

That could prove to be difficult if all of the team members need healing.


It good for pvp than raid because it not have group heal ability

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I’m the first to ever discover hadros lux!

Wait did someone view this too?

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You not first and you not last who discover it

To me it looks like a weird mixture of parasaurolophus, ouranosaurus, and pachycephalosaurus XD

LOL you are right

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