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A collection of what I have learnt from the forums(1)

As you would know from the name of the thread,I have decided on compiling the best points i have learnt from the forums about this game. I plan to do this from time to time,as there are many amazing things left for me to explore.

  1. Keeping my line up at a even ferocity range

  2. Hatching and selling unwanted dinos,as they can give a fairly decent quantity of DNA.

  3. Not rushing up on levelling,this will block early game players from unlocking many useful rares and super rares.

  4. Boss Events can give you tons of useful DNA when you need .

  5. The Modded PVP’s are maybe quite expensive as compared to the regular ones but give you really good early game progress from the Dinos you can win and help late game as well,because of The Super DNA you recieve.

  6. It is best to save for solid gold packs and immediately utilize the VIP Points for them when early game and maybe stack them up for the 20k packs when you later feel like it is time to max a VIP.

  7. Always fill the 2nd,3rd,4th slot in the hatchery with dinos that take longer cooldown times and fill the first with ones that are done nearly instantly.


Interesting suggestions.

I think these would be helpful to any beginner/intermediate player.

As you progress, consider branching out to max out the creatures that you really want.

A balanced line up makes the AI easier but overtime this tactic will eventually hold yourself back from maxing out your best creatures.

As you reach max rank, you’ll eventually have to decide whether true game completion is more important to you versus simply beating as many events as you can. To me, the rewards from the events aren’t as good as maxing out every creature.

The final evolutions for this game’s highest end creatures are absolutely fantastic, just FYI :wink:


For #2,

If you can’t hatch the dino due to a full hatchery, ok, I can see selling it.

Otherwise, I have to disagree with #2.

For dinos you don’t have unlocked, you will eventually get 8, so you can get the hybrid.

More copies of a dino, also equals more coin generation AND better Code 19 rewards (when they come back).

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I meant unwanted.

Thanks,I just got about 1700 DNA from completing Raid Missions.

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