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A community suggestion - Don’t win 3 - 0

I would like to ask that community does what I have been doing…

If you are in a match where you are clearly going to win no matter what, don’t beat the other player 3 - 0, it’s isn’t needed at that point! At least let the other player kill one of your low health or weakest dinosaur so that if and when they lose, they can at least make SOME progress towards their daily battle incubator, it won’t hurt you since you are going to win anyway.

A little common decency goes a long way.

Nothing worse than trying to make 10 kills and taking 15 matches to do it because you are unlucky…or go up against a Thor with 2600 damage.

If everyone did this it would help a lot!


It’s a good gesture but you really need to be sure you are definitely winning…it’s not unusual to have a surprise come-back.


Yeah of course that goes without saying. There are times when you know you will win, let’s say they have 2 dead dinosaurs, and their last two are low on health and you have something like Thor or Erlidom left that can take them…and you know what their other dinosaurs are, therefor they can’t surprise you with something.

Each situation will be different but at the time you will know if you are sure to win.


It’s a great thought mate! :black_heart:

Let’s face the REAL problem instead.



It would have to be extremely obvious from the get go that I would win.
Unfortunately matchmaking isn’t THAT bad for me and I have a number of issues with this.

  1. This could blow up in my face.
  2. I need 10 takedowns for the daily incubator. Unless I’m already at 8/10 or better I’m going all in. I only battle for that incubator and I will NOT give a pass if it means I have to do yet another PVP battle.
  3. Personally I could tell if it was to happen to me and I would feel patronized and insulted like the opponent was toying with me.
  4. If they can’t tell that I’m intentionally doing it… they may well think I’m an idiot. LOL
    (I have a LITTLE pride)

I would like to put out a suggestion that if a player takes out another team 3-0 that the losing team gets the incubator and the winner gets the trophy’s. This kind of thing is an obvious bad match up and this way both teams get something.

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I completely disagree. I’ve been railroaded by teams with only Thor and Rat super boosted. These are the teams you are beating 3-0 when they don’t get those 2.
It’s their fault for not boosting teams evenly. This is the price they pay. They will not receive mercy from me


What if it’s bad matchmaking having much inferior team going against someone much stronger? That’s not their fault.

I agree with this suggestion. If you get your super-Thor simply do not start with it … Try to win without using this monster … And if your opponent play some boosted monster later - no mercy is the strategy.

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Better off for them if you kill them off quickly so they can get to the next match. I will ALWAYS finish a match as quickly as possible. Teams can come back. I’ve seen it and I’ve done it. It was also mentioned earlier that these teams are often super Thor or super rat teams that didn’t get their Dino. Tough luck.

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I will usually allow a takedown if I am sure in victory.

Unless you play boosted Thor, Trykosaurus, Diloracheirus or the Rat.
I will show no mercy and slamdunk the brain out of anyone playing those.


That would work against me. When my opponent starts with a fully boosted Magna or Thor, and I get killed in one-shot and have no possibility of a win, I gust switch back and forth to lose as fast as possible.

If the opponent leads a heavily boosted thor out of the gate, i just go get a snack or use the bathroom, check the forums or pretty much anything else that doesnt require me to sit there watching the 0-3 loss.

I understand that this upsets peeps, and I hope that you and your boosted Thor understand that I could care less. :wink:


Thats fair enough, I had a boosted Thor one shot my Indoraptor through its dodge and then Instant charged my base level Erlidom also killing it, I just swapped to something and used base attacks and didnt bother trying, no point.
I mean why waste time going for a comeback? because if you take a couple of their dinosaurs down and still lose you will be frustrated.

Also had another match where it was neck and neck 2v2, they brought out a Thor so I just swapped back in my dinosaur with like 30 hp left and clicked basic attack.