A Compiled List of Suggestions

So I’ve read a good deal on the forum and reviews and there seem to be items that repeat themselves quite a bit.

  1. Crashing and freezing - this is a common theme in 1 and 2 star reviews. Not sure of the cause. I will say I get it often when watching videos for second prize wheel spins or if I go in and out of too many secondary screens such as the battle or trade harbor.

  2. PvE opponent levels being based on the top 1-4 dinos. This comes up alot on the forum. There seems to be a general feeling that this should be averaged over the top something percent of your team.

  3. In app purchase pricing. There is a whole thread devoted to essentially mocking the prices on one time deals. (I do understand these are not required to progress in the game but if players who are devouted enough to this game to not only play for years but spend non-playing on a forum discussing the game are talking about this…)

  4. Low value prizes such as small amounts of coins and food on the elite and legendary prize wheel. There are several threads and direct mentions of this one all over the forum. There is a feeling that the prizes should match what has been risked. For instance a dino team with combined multi days or hundreds of dbucks in cool down costs should be worth more than 8k of food combined over 2 spins.

  5. Cool down times being too long for higher end dinos. (I haven’t had to deal with this yet as I’ve only been playing a few month but I see it brought up often.)

Like I said at the begining this is stuff that seems to come up alot in my reading.


I had a dog and his name was Bingo!

Automatic reset this morning :sob::sob::sob:

Oh that sucks!! Hope Ludia support will get that sorted out for you.

Some suggestions for potential new dinosaurs:

1- Dynamoterror dynastes:

While it may seem a bit daft to suggest a new tyrannosaurid (we just got Lythronax), i think it’s worth considering, just because of that cool name. Just imagine saying “i have a maxed Dynamoterror!”

2- Balaur bondoc:


What makes this member of the raptor family unike, it’s the presence of not one, but 2 “killer claws” on each foot. It could have the stats of a glass cannon. After all, it has 2 Killer claws, but it’s also a tiny raptor.

3- Cryolophosaurus ellioti:

A cool dinosaur that can be easily added using the dilophosaur model

4- Saurophaganax maximus:

Any dinosaur game would benefit from the presence of the “greatest lizard eating master”

Edit: i just realized that all my suggestions are carnivores. Shantangosaurus, the giant Hadrosaur, and Yi qi, are non-carnivore creatures i’d like to see. (Pterosaur animation could be used for Yi qi)
Yi qi:



can we get more clash of titans events and less tournaments? that would be awesome

I forgot one in my above list - adding a non-facebook login option.

I too would like to see more unlock events, especially since my teams are too low to hit the dominator level in the tournaments right now, but this is a long term game and the experienced folks here have said the non-tourney creatures each come around about once a year.

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I agree with the issue with PvE, it basically like saying. “You’ve got an indoraptor now? Well let’s make every event unbeatable for you!”

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I assume you mean a non-FB login that still saves your game on a remote server. I agree. There shouldn’t be ANY game play that isn’t syncing everything to a remote server such that it can always be recovered, far too many people discover this issue only AFTER they run into a problem.


I understand there are loyalty points to be gained from fb too. I don’t have an account so I can’t get those points. Even though I am a VIP member

@Mary_Jo you can get your game back if you lose it. My son plays too and lost his once the support team did get it back for him pretty quickly. Credit where its due. Just make sure you have your support key written down somewhere.

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@KenO - With a local storage game? That was not my understanding.

Not aware of getting any extra points for using the FB login.

Not extra points for the login but on FB they have links to the game that on a daily basis give anywhere from 20 to 100 VIP points (when they work).

For instance today on FB:

In the yellow box is the link.


Gaming Beaver has links to resources on his YouTube channel

Yup if you get a new device or the game fully crashes, you can email the support group with your support key and they can restore your game. Might take a day or two but it works

So the links don’t always work. Interesting. I always got a message that said I already claimed the reward. Just figured it was because I wasn’t on fb. Gave up after a few tries.

@Andy_wan_kenobi thanks I’ll try thise

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Not sure if it is dependent on using the FB login, I only found out about them after switching over to the FB login.

You can try the same on Twitter. They give the same reward…and sometimes don’t.

@KenO - it’s threads like this one from the Help forum that I was thinking about, there’s been a few where people have mentioned being told they would have to start over from scratch due to corrupted data. Some were able to get it working without having to do that, but not everyone. But haven’t been any reports of these issues recently so maybe they have gotten them fixed.