A Concept for the Apatosaurus Hybrids

Once the kings of tanks have been left in the dust as there once op move kit (armor piercing allowing them to destroy other tanks) was removed for balancing purposes- [take note Gemini, ardont, and maxima] - so I try to help with some reworks but I will step up some rules


1). No immunity, as they are high health and armor tanks, debuffing abilities are supposed to be there second main counter behind defense shattering and armor piercing with out this it be very hard to counter, ( take notes nemys, Gemini, maxima, prorat, indo and Orion)

2). No out of if bound stats- meaning that there stats will be better than their parents for the most part but the can no just gain 1,500 attack form no where.

  1. niche in the meta, they will remain anti-dodger, and damage soaking tanks.

Alright let’s get into it

First we start with one of the worst epic hybrids, Nodopatosaurs

Current Stats and kit

My version on stats and kit

Health: 5,000
Attack: 950
Speed: 112
Armor: 25%


  • Vulnerability strike
  • Decelerating impact
  • Lockdown impact
  • Short Defense
    Medium counter attack

This new kit allows for More damage to be done with Vulnerability strike, being able trap you opponents while down considerable damage with lock down impact, and the health and speed to some what helps with chomper although there is still not much you can do :rofl: still

Alright let’s go on to the hybrids…

First up the armagasaur hybrid…

Current kit

Concept kit
Health: 5,400
Attack: 1050
Speed: 107
Armor: 30%


  • Vulnerability Strike
  • Slowing impact
  • Lockdown Rampage
  • Short defense
    Medium counter attack

This new kit is basically an upgrade from the original with a couple new paint jobs, hit first and make sure your enemy can’t escape with *lock down rampage, slow a speedster down with Slowing Impact and it retains its parent’s vulnerability strike and short defense
Along with its medium counter attack.This multi-surapod 30% armor tank is something your non chomper will really struggle against

Next let’s take a look at our second hybrid …

Current kit and stats

My stats and kit

Health: 5,600
Attack: 1,100
Armor: 40%
Speed: 108


  • Superiority Strike
  • Decelerating Impact
  • Bellowing Rampage
  • Long protection
    Medium-counter attack
    Swap in Invincible Bellow

This gigantic sauropod causes tremors beneath its feat with every attack. Slow you enemy with either superiority strike or Decelerating impact. Damage enemies severely with Bellowing Rampage, and stay even more protected against your foes with long protection and if you ever in a sticky situation swap in the mighty noodle and it will unleash its powerful Swap in Invincible Bellow. So speedster and low health foes beware the noodle is on its way.

And finally we arrive at the last hybrid the roofed god…

Current kit and stats

image image

New kit and stats

Health: 5,200
Attack: 1,300
Armor: 35%
Speed: 115


  • Superior shielded strike
  • Thagomizer
  • Lockdown impact
  • Precise Rampage
    Medium-counter attack

The armored roofer god has returned, slow you enemies with superiority strike or the newly improved Thagomizer. Shield against them every two turns with short defense and deal with those pesky dodgers with Precise Rampage. And now with not only an upgrade to Speed, Attack and the inclusion of medium counter attack, the lord of the stegosaurs has returned with vengeance

New moves and current changes

Lockdown Rampage - deal 2x damage, opponent can not swap for two turns. (Cool down 1)

Bellowing Rampage, deal 2x damage, gain 50% shields for one turn, reduce opponents speed by 50% for two turns (delay 1, cooldown 1)

Superior Shielded Strike - deal 1x damage, cleanse distraction, reduce speed by 50%, gain 50% shields for 1 turn

Thagomizer - deal 1.5x damage, reduce targets speed by 50% for three turns, apply DoT .10 for two turns. Cool down 3

Swap in Invincible Bellow, once swap in gain 100% shields for one turn reduce opponents speed by 50% for two turns.
Swap prevented for two turns

Also before anyone ask why Stegodeous is weaker in terms if stats,

Remember it’s a common+rare+common, while the others are common+rare+rare

So what do you guys think of this concept

  • It’s good
  • It’s alright
  • It’s interesting
  • It’s bad

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You have a problem with Orion now too? Do you just want everything you don’t use on your team nerfed or something?

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Lol no just mentioned it cause immunity to distraction lol kinda came out of no where, made no sense just don’t want to repeat those things

Lol no and yet you complain about Gemini :rofl: but ya no just pointing out a fact if it makes you feel less offended I added indo up there too :rofl::joy:

Besides that opinions are opinions you have your I have mine

Also I said

No saying Orion itself is busted but the fact it has immune attack that can go thru shields, cloak and armor, again that my opinion especially with sidestep being 100% chance to dodge

Ever consider giving indoraptor full immunity and switching his cleansing impact to distraction. He is already immune to distraction which can be cleaned anyways. I feel like he has lost his touch and this you be good to bring him back to a commonly used creature. It may sound op but come on… his legendary hybrid is better than him. Think it over.

…but the lore says :rofl:

Lol. I know this is an apato discution but we were on the topic of hybrids soooo…

Why not just give nodopadotitan decelerating rampage and armor piercing counter attack? While it may not be able to win against top tiers, it could definitely hold its own against some of the better legendaries.

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Anyway I think cleanse is good since it helps with bleed and slow. Also distraction adds to the problem with indo and prorat in which they reduce your attack by 50% and then dodge 66% of that damage

Full immune would fix bleed/slow but you got a point for the dodge. If it works for procero then it should work for a unique who should be really good

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That also happens with indo gen2 when he has dodge 66% damage reduction 50% plus speed for 2 turns so he can do it again. On top of that they can’t dodge that hit because it’s presice.

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Lol first this

Also forgot to mention miragaia

And second decel is just used everywhere plus bellowing would be a good back up plan when your up against anything with null plus adds more verity

You forgot Carnotarkus, it’s a tank that can kill anything in 3 turns

Lol ya up that why people have been asking for nerf it’s just to much damage reduction for basically being hit full force in return which is not fair

Ah see that the thing it’s a counter with low health and it need to get hit to go thru armor and shield can do it on its own

Compared to a maxima that can deliver a full 2.6 k damage thru armor and shields being unable to be stopped, combined with 5.7k health

And while miragaia technically falls into that category the problem it’s common with one of the most powerful counter in the game something not even tryko has lol

Doesn’t precise shattering, and rending counter overshadow armor piercing?

Let’s be thankful that trykosaurus doesn’t :grin:

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