A Concept for the Apatosaurus Hybrids

It depends if reading counter has defence shattering in it

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Rending* sorry lol

Rending does indeed have defence shattering in it

Not all of them

Are you sure?

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I am quite sure. I think it is the same as swap in savagery

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Lol ya but still changing it to a Maximal would be better I mean look how high it is on the tier list

How do you get lists and status like that?

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It’s on the jwa field guide app


Actually savagery is the only exception every other rending attack is amor and defense shattering

Really!? I’m surprised


I’m going on app now I will check

It would be like if swap in rending takedown as a thing, but much weaker and without shattering abilities

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Still anyway back on topic lol ya these are tanks, no anti tank or anything else, pure anti speedster, shielding, speed control tanks,

They should be good against stunners, speedsters, other tanks for stalling, anything that can’t pierce armor no shields no armor piercing counter attackers.

There counters should be other tanks in terms of stalling, chompers, bleeders, renders and armor piercing or defense shattering counter attackers

True heavy hit defence breakers should be the best counter not another tank lol. Another this is you were right about rending breaking armour.

Hmmmm :thinking: diorajasaur? It’s a tanky lad, and it can stall, along with having ss.

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Thordor should be the best counter for things like that. Or at LEAST a defence breaking /rending counter attack

Dioraja is still weak to chompers like Thor, tenato, Tryko, bleeders like constrictors, thyla, sucho, and rending counters like purra, trakus, and grypo

Would anyone want to friend in game?

Stunners and distractiors like tura, dilorach, rinex, and uthasino also do well by either killing it or leaving it to be one shot