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A counter thread to nerfs

No, I’m not going to argue with people on nerfing whatever creature they have issues with. I mean this literally. Instead of immediately calling for a good creature to get nerfed, why not suggest introducing counters for it first? For one thing, it’s probably easier for game balancing. And for another, nerf threads are way to common anyways. By asking for counters to be introduced, you’ll likely get support from both sides of the argument. Thanks to @Qiew for suggesting this first, and giving me the idea for the thread. :smile::smile::smile:


There’s also the fact that new creatures will be introduced in every update anyways.

If they make several of the most used creatures counters to it, people will agree. If new creatures, and ONLY new creatures are going to be counters, that means you need to invest coins, dna, and boosts into it while throwing away 1 or more of your current team critters. And by the time you’ve got the new addition to team level, Ludia nerfs your new addition.

Sometimes a nerf is just neccessary. Like 1.14 Indo G2