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A Couple of Post 1.7 Technical Questions

Hey folks, wondering about a couple things that I could not find in searches.

  1. While boosts mean I won’t be leveling dinos nearly as much as I used to how would I know what the next level would bring? So, if I am thinking of taking my T-Rex to the next level up I used to know what that mean in terms of stat improvements. Now I do not see anyplace where it shows the stat increases that will be achieved if I level up. That;s important if you’re trying to decide which of your dinos to spend coins on.

  2. How can I see how many boosts I have of each? I am not seeing an inventory that shows me what I have currently. Would be nice to know before making purchases as you plan out the new boost strategies.

Thanks for the help.

Change sorting order of your team so sort by speed… Then look across the top of the screen shows each boost and how many you have left.


Can I tag my own 1.7 questions in here?

I don’t have an answer to 1. But you could check the metahub dinodex to see how much one lvl will improve in your dino


Boosts are making it harder to see the difference between levels now. Too bad they removed the next level preview display.

At the moment I don’t know any source to have what you are looking for but you can look in the Dinodex or companion app for stats at the level you want to check and then apply your boost manually (adding 2% for tier 1 in attack for example)


Thanks everyone.

Hmm. I liked having the preview that showed me what ‘evolving’ would mean to the dino. Will use the metahub guide now, but that requires a more work - and thinking, something that I try to avoid when possible.

Thanks @anon80447878 for the info on boosts stats.


Next level preview is still there, just hidden.

Press and hold on a dino’s Stat and it will bring up a pop up with the stat at the next level.


You’re the Hero we needed, but didn’t deserve.

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Oh wow, that’s great to know. Thank you so much for that info!

Nice catch. Was it in patch note?

If not it should have definitely been there. It’s an important feature

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I don’t recall seeing it in the patch notes. I remember someone posting about it in here a while ago.

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Me neither… Too bad that when they do good UI change they don’t talk about it and let us think they removed a functionality :pensive: