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A couple of suggestions for the game

Just As its written in the title,here are some suggestions for the game:
1-trading dragons between members of the clan.(many people wanted this feature To be added).
2-co-leader,because sometimes the leader has some stuff to take care of and he needs someone else to take the lead temporarely.
3-pinning messages will be a good idea especially for the clans with no discord.
4-free alpha battle mode with no energy,just to test some teams out and see how it goes and figure out a plan.
5-adding a new duty characters specifically for clans,and his duties are related to the alpha,(for example:battle the alpha 4 times and such things).
6-getting a 2* dragon after beating a stage in the story mode instead of getting a 1*.
7-just for fun,choosing which one of your dragons to fly around your berk.
8-increasing the spots in the clan and make it like 30 players,so we can get more powerful and active players to join us.


A couple of notes
5 - Duties are planned for Snotlout, Ruff & Tuff and Gobber. I do not know when they will be added though.
6 - I would personally keep the 1* dragons as there is a higher chance of upgrading abilities earlier on. I understand that 2* dragons have better fish to dragon xp efficiency, but it also works out to be lower chances to upgrade abilities. Personally, I dislike that they removed 1* from the basic draft. But that’s just me. ( :

I would definitely like to see 2 and 3 added though


Hey there
So No.2 and 3 as @LightFury said would be a useful feature for clans in the future and I’d like to see more clan features where we could interact with your clan more.
No.4, I understand what you mean. If you’ve played Clash Royale they have a training camp where you can test your deck. So we could have a similar system but with your team of dragons and it matches you with a team based around your dragons total power. And if you think we could be more custom with it if this does become a thing, be able to change how many waves you verse, and maybe adjust their average power.


So, there’s a harder chest being planned?

The clan trading, should it happen, should come with an “are you sure” button along with it, however.

And as for the co-leaders, I would think it’s best to make a position of substitute leaders. When the actual leader/owner of the clan is inactive, one of the substitutes can take his/her place. But making them equal to the clan leader? I think not. A lot could go wrong with that.


I think maybe knowing how many waves of dragons you’ll face on each part of the story would be nice. The try-out isnt as useful cause it really all depends on which color tiles and how many tiles show up of that color.

I would love to see the # of fish needed to level Toothless decrease

Allowing more than 25 players in a clan would be extremely helpful on alpha battles.

breeding… im not seeing/experiencing any of the breeding outcome issues you are having


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Some more suggestions:
To be able to give your dragons names or nicknames.
A confirmation button,its really necessary.
A list of the alphas our clan has defeated.


I can confirm that a confirmation button will be in place next update!


That’s great,thanks ! Please take the other suggestions into consideration !


In my opinion most of these suggestions can really help improve the game.

  1. The trading dragons will be really good even if there were some heavy restrictions on it (such as only being able to trade untrained dragons, only same rarity dragons, or even if you could only trade 3* or lower dragons). Let me explain why with an example: Suppose i’m training copskeep (green dragon) while a clan member is training his toothless (purple dragon) and both of us only hatch 1* dragons. In that case I would be able to trade my purple 1* dragons for his 1* greens, which would allow both of us to more efficiently lvl up our dragons.

  2. Co-leader: this may also be useful, since you could leave him/her in charge of decision making while the leader is away (maybe on vacation or just not available at the time)

  3. pinning messages: Really need this, it would allow you to put up important announcements (such as if we are going to take down the alpha or hold on to the energy for the next one). At the moment these type of messages just dissapaer rather quickly in the chat and since not everyone scrolls up they might miss it.

  4. I would love to test my teams and free alpha battle would allow me to do just that (at the moment i can only really test out teams when i know we won’t be able to beat the alpha)

  5. Duty character for alpha might cause beginners at alpha battling want to improve (especially when the tasks are something like deal 100k damage to alphas)

  6. 2* dragon or 1* dragon (id love to get 2* but thats personal opinion, since i only do 1* hatching right now which makes it difficult to do lvl up 10 duties without expanding lots of fish)

  7. (I wish my copsekeep could fly around, but she hasn’t got a high enough bp yet so i need to lvl her a bit more)

  8. Might be good might not be good (i don’t know) i think it might make it more difficult to find active players

  9. yeah giving your favorite dragons nicknames might be fun :stuck_out_tongue:

  10. Confirmation button: yep definitely needed

  11. Alpha list: It would be interesting to be able to see the 10 or so past alphas you fought (and the damage everyone dealt) It would allow you to see if you improved and allows for the clan leader to keep better track of those that don’t regularly participate.


Another suggestion:
If there is a possibilty that a new alpha can be added in the future,let it be the submaripper,i think it will be great to see him !


One more:
Removing the 2* dragons when you breed two 4* dragons,because it’s really annoying and frustrating to get a 2* after spending half of the day(16 hours) waiting.


Another suggestion:
Gaining scales in one of the stages of a trust event,for example,when we are in the toothless event,we get purple scales in one of the stages,if we fight in the light fury’s event,we get blue scales and so on.


I’d like to bring back a said suggestion said by someone else somewhere in the forums of having the option to set your clans to 'Invite Only or even ‘Closed’. It’ll help when trying to recruit specific people instead of random people joining.


Due to a recent situation i’d like to add an idea to the list:
A way of replacing the clan leader (without the clan leader actually agreeing to it). Sure this may seem a bit controversial, but hear me out.

At the moment, my clan leader is unable to log in to the game due to a bug (which erased his progress even though it was linked to his google play account). Because of this he has been unable to log in to the game for the past 5 days. Naturally, this brings about certain problems. Not being able to kick players (or replace clan leaders inactive account temporarily). Basically we are fighting alpha’s and we are now being limited to 23 active players (Currently it hasn’t been that much of an issue though since we are still able to take down 8* alphas).

Anyway, i would want some system to prevent situations like this in the future, maybe something like a vote of no confidence (in which votes are anonymous and about 75% of the members or maybe more have to agree to get a change of leadership)

(Though having co-leaders, would, of course, also help in this type of situations)


Yes, coleaders would be the better solution


Apologies if this has been thrown out there before, but it would be nice to have one place to see all of your scales instead of having to go look at each color dragon to figure it out. Right now I have no idea how many 3* scales I have in certain colors because I don’t have dragons of that color ready to level.


It has, but needs repeating. Huge quality of life suggestion


i just want to give some of my ideas for the games so they can grow and be even cooler! Titan Uprising, Jurassic World The Game and all of your other games are amazing! I’m so glad you gave us such awesome games with amazing graphics, especially Titan Uprising, the dragons look screen-accurate, but of course there are a lot of bugs in the game, and i also wanted to recommend to take out the chance of getting a 2 star by breeding, i understand that they can be used to level up dragons, but we get them out of free drafts almost all the time, i understand it’s to make the players earn the 3-4-5 star dragons, but it’s kind of sad to wait 4-8 hours breeding just to get a dragon you can get in a draft or just playing the story, so yeah, hope you take my idea into consideration, love you Ludía and i hope to see more awesome games in the future and i’m excited for all the dragons that’ll be added in TU, i’m still waiting for a certain scorpion-like dragon to appear hopefully soon ;).


I do have a small suggestion to the game, which is add a “repeat” button after completion of the “repeatable quests” so that we are able to re-enter the quest again instantly without have to go in the roster selection page once more.