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A couple of suggestions for the game

Another suggestion is the ability to go back and play older levels. This game has limited content and gets insanely boring at times.

Many people on here complain about not being able to beat levels. Seems like if the better players could go back and demo a level it might make people feel better about how achievable things are.


Two more suggestions:
-removing the duty “beat 50 dragons in exploration”.
-making the enemies charge their spirit a bit slowly,because now,they charge way too fast so they will use their abilities quickly and will kill your dragons fast especially if there are sawmaws in a stage.


More dragon scales. Increase the number of dragon scales rewarded when completing a quest.

  1. Why, you don’t even need to win a level for the dragons defeated to count!

  2. Yeah, enemies do charge faster than usual in some levels. Their charging should be under the same rules that are applicable to our battle dragons’ charging.

Or when opening a chest.

@Marcus @Ned
I have one suggestion too. I think that it would be really good if there would be from time to time some HYBRID DRAFTS. Why not? There was one of this kind already. It was St. Patrick’s green draft and there were hybrids. As someone who is really unlucky with breeding (ok, I was lucky one time ), I would be really happy with this. And even if I wouldn’t have 4k runes ready, I would DEFINITELY bought it. So more money for you, Ludia.:wink: I have one 5 star hybrid and I am trying for copy more than 1 month and 2 weeks. I tried everything. 3 days ago I even SPEND 11.5K RUNES for speeding. Everything what I got was army of 3 and 4 stars of that hybrid species. I am really sad and angry because of it. I am trying for copy even longer that I was tried for my first one. And that is really AWFUL. I can write here why are the breeding chances so low, why is HARDER to get a COPY of dragon you already have from breeding, especially if it is hybrid. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want everything fast. It must be challenging for players, I agree. Because if it wouldn’t be challenging, everyone would have the most strongest dragons in the game. And that would be pretty unfair. But if I have that 5 star hybrid, I only want a COPY, not my first one. And that copy should be obviously easier for obtain. It is logic. When I must waited more months for my first one, it was definitely worth it. I am talking about of getting copies. But everyone here knows that these chances will never be increased. So at least I would be really happy with hybrid drafts, where you are be able to try your luck and get that hybrid dragon. And believe me, people would BUY those runes for money in my opinion. Because there is hybrid draft. And everyone wants hybrids. And you would have more money. So please listen to me and do something around it. Increase the chances a little bit, or introduce that hybrid draft. Thanks.


Hey Denis_Rebro, thank you for the suggestion! :smiley:


I think that when you’re breeding two dragons of that hybrid species together, you are increasing the possibility of getting more of the species, and eventually, the one(s) you seek. Just as if you were breeding a regular species together. :+1:


The problem is it’s not so easy to get a hybrid alone, so it’s rather rare to have a second specimen to breed up. And if you’ve made the mistake of using one of them to level up another dragon, you’re simply screwed. The wait is far longer then.


But hybrids as drafts… I don’t know. It has happened only with the new species that was introduced a little while ago, in a homecoming. Wouldn’t happen for an old species though. I think.

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  1. More than trading dragons as it might be a BIG deal and plus not that all have a massive inventory, Exchange of 2 Scales per day is not bad.

Some members are focusing on Red and are out , other member is focusing on Purple and he too is out of scales. They could atleast exchange a “Limited” number of scales a day if anything.

  1. duties is must, co-leader/s is really important, without leader someone trust worthy should be able to let new people in or kick inactives out.

  2. since quests are tough now, scales are less, coins n fishes someone is eating (I suspect Buffalord look at their tummies ) can a TINY bit of leveling happen to dragons that fight. This way nothing would feel that mundane, you use up energy and same time they gain some point to gain up .I am not talking about leveling by an entire level but may be equivalent to what a 1* dragon gives on consumption .


Yep that was only a suggestion what would I definitely like to see. I don’t think that you completely understood me. If you nderstood ne right and I misunderstood YOU, then sorry.:joy:. I have a 5 star hybrid. And I want another copy. I don’t want anything else. So I am breeding 2 4 stars hybrids of this hybrid species. So there are only 3 possibilities. And obviously I am really, really unlucky guy because after month and 2 weeks still nothing. And that really sucks. So I think that it would be fair try my luck with hybrid drafts and maybe I will be finally lucky…

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I didn’t say I disagree with your idea, just wrote my own input.

It’s good that you do have 2 hybrids to breed at the very least, I… don’t. And I can’t get Anveil’s copy.

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Agreed on the co-leader thing, this we have been asking for a while, lost you on number 3 though. As far as I am concerned, there’s too little eggs and too many fish. Like, really, I’m drowned in fish.


Exactly… Eggs prime purpose is to hatch 15 and give a 1* dragon.

So my suggestion is if I am using 5 dragons to do any fight/quest, if I win let those dragons gain some amount. I am purposefully using word “gain” I don’t want to say “level”. If you are fighting with 5 dragons who are 4 star and above. Requiring dragons (or hatching those 1*) to feed them is a pain. So alternative in my mind was almost like an amount of gain - what a 1* dragon contributes to levelling process, that same amount the 5 participating dragons to get.

@Antz And this… instead of using eggs?

This is just for battle fought n won. This gain could be half of what we get from 1* dragon.

But if we are doing quests like gain 15, hatch 15 in queue this tiny ‘gain’ can really be morale booster.

It is just for winning a fight. Lose a fight get nothing.

The shortage of eggs has really been bothering me since the last update. At my current level, the “hatch 15 eggs” duty requires me to use about 68 energy just on repeatable egg quests, which currently is pretty much the only place you can earn eggs besides chests.

The “hatch 15 eggs” duty requires 150 eggs to generate fifteen 1* baby dragons.
Assuming 11 eggs on average rewarded per repeatable egg quest (which is a lot more than what newer players get), that equals around 14 egg quests to earn that many eggs.
At a cost of 5 energy per egg quest, that will require 68 energy, which is 10 more energy than my current maximum energy limit.

This duty is overkill.

Furthermore, repeatable egg quests are sooooooo boring even when I create a team of my lowest possible dragons to try and make it competitive.


  1. Reduce the duty requirement to “hatch 10 eggs.”
  2. Give us control over the repeatable egg quests. Allow us to choose a difficulty level for each quest/game. Assign random foe dragon teams based on that difficulty level, then let us choose which of our dragons to use for combat. At the end of the game, win or lose, allow us to choose whether to fight the same foes again or change the parameters.

Suggestion #2 would allow people who just want to grind through the repeatable egg quests to choose a low level foe team (like it is now), while letting other folks get a little extra practice and enjoyment from completing what is currently a very mundane task.

Anyway, just something I wanted to suggest.