A couple suggestions to reduce coin cost plus making battles/tournaments more fair


Theres nothing worse than losing a battle just because your dinos are in a lower level, sometimes theres nothing you can do and you’re just forced to wait and watch your dinos die because of that. So, my suggestion is to reduce the growth curve of stats in all the dinos, for example: The stats on a dino now are increased in 5% per level, if i’m not mistaken, so by reducing that number to like 3% or 2,5% the battles against dinos that are in a higher level would be more fair without ceasing to have a slight advantage to wich one has the higher level. But, of course that would be frustranting to work so hard for leveling up your dino to get less status and to resolve this my suggestion is to lower the cost of coins in order to do the level up, and maybe even the DNA needed, although I think just the coins should be already fine. That way we got more fair tournaments even if you’re matched against many higher level players and plus coins will be less than a problem. Let me know what you guys think, and peace :grin:


Short answer… No


Levels help, but its not everything either. For instance, my lvl 16 Tragodist straight up pounding my opponents lvl 19 Tragodist earlier today just from better move selection. But if you’re constantly getting matched vs opponents with higher level dinos, it may mean you got too high too fast as well, and is just a natural correction through the ELO.

Also, random aside, hope you’re finding more event dinos with the recent change Rafael! :slight_smile:


Yeah, you’re right sequencing the moves right is absolutely the way to go but sometimes its really annoying to face many overleveled opponents. And yeah!! The new displacement of event SD is alot better now and already helped me a lot, like getting my Pyrritator :smiley: