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A couple suggestions

  1. it’s d&d how about a way to go smash monsters as a team! Why am I forced to pvp other players instead of grabbing a couple hero’s and joining someone else’s challenge run. And collecting trophies for HELPING kill that dragon. D&D isn’t about creating a character to just go have it killed by the guy sitting across the table. Not everyone downloaded the game to play chaotic evil. Just a thought…
  2. secret rooms are far and few between. That’s not a bad thing, but the reward doesn’t match the rarity. Also why don’t mini bosses drop a card pack when you run across one. Overall there really isn’t any reason to have those in game. Give us a reason to want to see those mini boss/secret rooms.
  3. I’m still boycotting spending any money on chests. Because I keep getting epics I have maxed at higher rates then epics I need. Anytime I open a pack, drop an epic from pvp chest. It really does look like your running algorithm to weight %’s to maxed gear first. How about implementing an algorithm that checks for maxed and rerolls the drop once. Still allows for lots of unneeded drops but if I stood a chance at what I need I’d buy more. Not spending real money when without fail, first drop will be one of the few I already maxed. I figure my boycotting chests and daily specials has resulted in me NOT spending a couple grand.
  4. up the exp/gold on donations. When it was first introduced, I thought wow this is great. Now I see it’s like anything else not requiring real money. It’s at useless levels of exp. I would have hoped that by now guilds would be setting rules on max allowed to donate per request so everyone got a chance at the free exp. The reality is It just doesn’t matter enough to be a topic of discussion.

Hey Tyr, thank you for the suggestions and feedback! I’ll share them with our team.