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A crazy idea that I had : THE INSECTARIUM

Hello everyone, I had a little crazy idea about a new game option, it would be to add a new structur called THE INSECTARIUM, it would be located near the ruins of the old park. It would be composed of five different environments for five types of prehistoric insects. These insects provide specific resources in case you need or are short of them, there would only be one deal, you can only choose one insect to play and the insectarium would be restricted for 12 hours, so you must be wise when choosing which resources you need the most.
It would combine quick time events with obedience points (like in the raptor paddock) so you can spin a roulette.
The insects would be :

MEGARACHNE:(provides DNA points)

ARTHROPLEURA (privides food )

BRONTOSCORPIO (provides coins)

GIGATITAN (provides money)

MEGANEURA (provides loyalty points)

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In terms of idea, I REALLY approve of that. Considering how you hardly see much of big prehistoric insects in games today, this would be amazing. And having them work creatures to help gain resources instead of make a new brand of creatures for battle would help to balance out the game. Though maybe it would be nice if you could still visit the five during the time lock out, and interact with them, like you would the dinosaurs or Cenozoic creatures.


Great idea, however I would prefer to have insects as a totally new class with the same features as the other classes. Hatching, evolving, hybrids, events and in the end unique insects tournaments.

I’m still open for any ideas of how it would work to make this new game mode different from the rest, what would like to see or what would you suggest???

We could also do Pulmonoscorpius and Titanomyra

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