A crazy suggestion

One has to suspend quite a bit of disbelief to buy-into the very thin premise of this game’s back-story, but even after doing so, believing that these creatures are somehow rooted to the spot is stretching things somewhat. As I occasionally say to my wife, “It’s more fun if you at least move around a bit”.

It would be cool if some (not all) of the dino’s walked around, not sure how complicated that is from a coding point of view, but the game is based on google maps, the roads are defined, would love to see a T-Rex ambling up my street.

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As nice as that would be, there would be double the risk of injury - people would start walking after the dinosaur and not bother to look where they’re going these days…


Thanks for that, Captain Bringdown, but they could walk really slowly. You can’t fit rubber-bumpers to the whole world. :slight_smile:

No, but it would be pretty annoying to chase after that T-Rex from a long distance only for it to walk somewhere you can’t get to, wouldn’t it? It’s not rocket science to see why this would be a bad idea.

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If it’s walking really slowly, there wouldn’t be a lot of chasing? Rocket science aside, I’d still like to see it, even if you get run over by a semi,just natural selection in action.

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It would indeed look cool but from the catching point of view, no need for me :smiley:

I like the idea. Had the same one myself. Looking the map and seeing some dinos (maybe just the commons) wandering or flying around would be so much more interesting than the way it is now.

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Thank you!, at least 2 of us are onboard. lol

I’ve always wanted to see creatures walking the map. If not freely roaming, let them walk around supply drops, like the birds fly.

yeah me too. dinos that walked a set route, or even in circles like the birds do, would also mean that all those awesome dinos that spawn just out of reach would eventually walk into reach :slight_smile:

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Like what someone else said, instead of them just walking across the map or something they can do a figure eight or a circular walk around the point they spawned. It might even be better because it’ll pass closer to you if you wait for it, then it can be closer to everybody. It would definitely help for those event dinos at the green supply drops that are just outside my range if they walked closer when they make their route.