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A Creature of the Future


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: the Indoraptor! I’ve been free- to- playing since launch and this is my first unique. I couldn’t have done it without my alliance mates and @Meersey30. Y’all are the best! 6 months ago I was getting 19 DNA from darting the Indoraptor and abandoning all hope of unlocking him, but it is possible! Don’t give up hope!


Congrats. Even I had not hoped of getting it early . But then got lots of Trex and I made it. Mine is lvl 23 now

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Happy for you my dude! Hopefully it’s a higher level now! Well have to friendly battle soon

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I had slowly trudged my way up to 221/250. There are many many disappointing 10 point fusions in that figure. I’m very grateful for the event this weekend as it saves me from the grind of obtaining at most (I say at most based on the minimum 10 that most fusions seem to award) another 9000 Velociraptor dna and 750 T-Rex dna just to get that last 29 Indoraptor DNA. Thankfully even as bad a shot as I am, I was able to dart what I needed and then some.

Edit: realized I made a miscalculation on raptor dna. At most it would have taken 13500. I was figuring 200 a pop on the I-Rex fusions instead of 500. And I’m not a great shot so that’s well over 50 raptors I may have needed.

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