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A critique of this weekend's tournament

Ludia has to impose new rules in her tournament, no more than one damage exchanger per team, it is annoying that they always or almost always win with the way of entering and leaving with more than one exchanger in the team. Fix the pairing for speed, I have lost battles because the opponent always goes first, and otherwise the stuns fail in my favor, and the rivals always stun my creatures, because of those problems that your game has I have lost countless battles in this tournament . Instead of adding more and more creatures in upcoming updates, fix bugs that are damaging the game.

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As much as I agree with some of your points, you may not be aware of the poll that was conducted by Ludia relating to speed ties. The community chose for Ludia to do nothing about them! For every player who loses a speed tie, another wins it so I can’t see that changing. Crazy but true.

Bugs? Yes there are way too many but rng isn’t a bug. If you are losing to the stun more than winning it’s because of the rng, not a bug.

Swap in annoyance? Yes, it’s a pain especially with the op Dracorex but again not a bug, just daft stats for a Dino. The other swap ins aren’t hard to deal with when you consider the counters available.


Actually, No… if you don’t have a good device or a “good geolocation” you will ALWAYS lose, which is complete BS… It was my case for over a year till I finally got a better device… but still lose most ties since I’m in Brazil, far away from Ludia’s HQ… And honestly, I REALLY do not consider valid that poll they conducted. Not only because they never thought about solutions to give us (so people couldn’t be sure if it would change for the better or worse), but also because till this day I see players showing up in here who don’t understand how speedties work.

And this tournament is another speedtie dumpster fire… Once again, most people are using the same dinos, that, of course, involves two or more stupid swap in damage creatures… Speedtie and swap in damage are the two worst mechanics I’ve ever seen not only in this game but in any other game of the sort. And they both became even worse after we got the No Escape thing.


If you click first, you win the speedtie. I am in Germany so i am far away from Ludia HQ too but i win speedties about 40% of the time. You just have to think quick enough. At least that is what i experienced.

Devs have confirmed that device and geo location matters. And they didn’t even have to confirm, it’s obvious. If you’re far away and/or don’t have a good device, many times it doesn’t matter how fast you click, it’s clear that the move selection takes a second to compute. If you play with a crappy phone, it takes more time for the move to even show up to you than it takes to show up to the opponent, so before you’re even able to click, your opponent has already done it seconds earlier…


That might be true but for me it still happens that when i play against one player and we have several rounds with speedties, sometimes he/she wins and sometimes i do. My phone is not the best either.

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I did not talk about swap in stun or crits, only about speedties. Seems that you are very unlucky

Well, I get 40-60% of the time the win in a tie. Still, this tournament or especially PvP is so broken in this game

PVP is based on luck too much. Skill is just playing a small role. If you get lucky, PVP can be fun, if not it is annoying.

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Can’t disagree with that. I’ve always defended the skill part of this game, even with all the RNG, but this class system screwed everything up. After we got that, team selection started making an even bigger differece. Occasionaly there are some creature matchups where you simply cannot win…


What do you wanz to do about the speed ties?
It depends on your ping… thats the same issue in any online game… you have say that they dont adress the topic.
Do you have an idea to solve that issue?

Not to mention the surprise one shot crit at the end… sigh

First, they can change speeds of creatures. Different creatures have same speed, which makes things worse. In tournaments are usually 3 or more creatures with speedties.

Biggest problem of skill tournament after 2.0 is RNG. Too much RNG. Today had disastrous RNG. In 3 stratight battles didn’t draw Andrew and ML, while opponent has resilient tanks. On top of that in back to back matches Dracos critted twice in most perfect time!! 4 5% crits in 2 battles, when even my Andrew and Lion won’t crit when I need it!

They need to rebalance creatures or get rid of classes. Currently RNG decides 70% of battles in skill tournaments!


This! I had 6 (!!!) matches in a row with a bad match up and lost all of them with at least 3-1! And like you, I had bad RNG on criticals but the enemy nearly 100% crit me when he needed it.

I agree that team selection is important, but I’m not sure of you can blame that entirely on the class system. When it comes down to it, a class is just a label that you put on a creature to describe how it plays. It doesn’t determine how that creature plays on it’s own. Ludia can easily design any moveset they want, and then slap an appropriate class label on it afterwards: it doesn’t inherently limit design. That said, move variety on certain creatures did decrease in 2.0, and I’d certainly like to get some of that variety back. But having classes doesn’t prevent this from happening, especially since multi-classes and wildcards exist.

That said, meta-defining dinos and unwinnable matchups have always been a part of this game. Allosaurus always beat Apatosaurus, whether you classified them or not. And just because stuff like Andrewsarchus and Marsupial Lion are strong doesn’t mean that all dinos of that class are: you probably wouldn’t run Dimorphodon or Archaeotherium, for example. If anything, the class labels make it easier to spot patterns, but it doesn’t mean that all members of a class have to follow those patterns, or that all matchups of one class against it’s counter are unwinnable. You see the best dinos in tournaments, and the best dinos tend to have more winning matchups.

I’m not so sure if this is true. I feel Ludia has a hand in a lot of the surveys and polls they do. For example, 9/10 times when indominus and indoraptor are in a poll, they end up as a creature of the week. I feel they had a hand in that poll too


If they could buff and make other rares useable instead of hot trash

Um… You do know that was in 2018 right? People at that time didn’t even know how speed ties worked, they thought it would be all fair and first person to press it wins. It was lack of communication that no one knew speed ties were already in the game and after that everyone figured out you can only win by tapping fastest. They took that poll 2 years ago and people didn’t know what they were talking about. Ever since there has been much outrage at speed ties and many want them removed after figuring out you have an advantage if you live closer to Ludia or have better internet. Ludia needs to remove speed ties, it has taken way too long.


Yeah I know it was a while ago but you do realise that we rely on a community that makes decisions that beggar belief right up to now don’t you? Just for clarity I hate the speed ties as much as anyone as I never win them. I believe it should be a simple 50/50. Win one lose one and that’s it. If both players just lost one then it should be down to who presses first. The current way that allows the players nearest to Canada to win every time is a nonsense.

Look at the amount of times we get to vote on a creature to dart for a special event. I am staggered by what the community chooses. Next week is a good example of this. As was the rare choice of Suchotator over Irritator a while back, and this was when irritator was an exclusive.

That vote about speed ties would have been fairer if there had been a straight choice offered such as option 1 being leave as they are, option 2 change them. As it was they gave a few options and I’m sure the combined answers would have preferred a change. I don’t know if that’s factual but when I asked I got no reply.