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A cross story multi verse

Dr Vile steals the spaceship Brett/Susan are living in and being chased by the mysterious F who I think is Felicia Fatale. I love these little easter eggs about other characters

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Let’s not forget that 0ZO cost Aesha/Samantha their #1 spot by exposing them as a cheater and he is the antagonist of Jamie’s story.

Who needs Spider-Man No Way Home and Into the Spiderverse when we have the Lovelink Multiverse? :rofl:

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Also Brett/Susan are fans of an alternate universe version of Franz/Ingrid who’s band protests the same company from Angel/Emmalyne’s story

The mc in Felicia’s story I do believe is forced to pretend to be OzO or a rival to Ozo

Don’t forget your working with Seth/Jamie to expose 0Z0 as well. So many crossovers.

I think Skylar mentioned 0Z0 as well.

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When Dr Vile first contacts you, he mentions that he plans to steal a piece of art depicting a giant Eggplant (or Aubergine as it’s called in the UK) which is first seen in a photo sent to you by Clementine/Grace.

@JDR The MC poses as 0Z0 to draw out his rival, another cyber-criminal called Nero

I read on the wiki that Garrett/Rory is a junior curator at a museum. I wonder if it’s the same museum that Clementine/Grace got a job at. A reference to them in each others story would be cool