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A Dance with Dragons: retsamerol's step-by-step guide to dancing with Argathakul

Argathakul is a highly misunderstood dragon. She’s cranky because she’s tired and Mrolgyet keeps bothering her. After eating a lot of hobgoblins, she’s sleepy too.

Luckily for her a bunch of adventurers have come to help her take a nap. As everyone knows, if you don’t have tacos, the best way to get a dragon to nap is through vigorous dancing.

Unfortunately, not many adventures know the dance steps to Argathakul’s dance. So to remedy this, I’m outlining the exact steps to take so that you can dance with Argathakul and get her to fall asleep, without getting stepped on.

Opening Moves
When Argathakul is full-bellied, she’s not sleepy at all. So her dance steps are quite exuberant. Green indicates where your characters want to step, red indicates where Argathkul wants to step.

As soon as she gets winded (i.e. Has lost half her hit points), she engages in the Closing Moves.

Step 1 - Bow to your partner

As with any dance popular in Faerun, the first step is to bow to your partner. Argathakul has a big head, so watch out for it.

Step 2 - Swing to the left

Lift your character’s hand while holding Argathakul’s as she swings to the left.

Step 3 - Separation

Push away from Argathakul in this classic temporary separation between dance partners.

Step 4 - Bow to your partner

This is the mid-dance bow. Once again, watch for that big head coming to the back row.

Step 5 - Swing to the right

Lift your character’s hand while holding Argathakul’s as she swings to the right.

Step 6 - Separation

The last step to the cycle, once again, is separating from your dance partner temporarily.

Repeat the above steps until she gets tired

Argathakul will cycle through the dance step 1 to 6 over and over again, until Argathakul gets winded. You can see her energy levels, with the middle of the crown marking (with a little bit of error) when she gets into this state. As soon as she gets tired, her dance steps then get a little more conservative.

Closing Moves

As soon as she gets winded, she’ll break from the above moves and immediately engage in the following dance steps.

Step 7 - It’s a hop to the left

Being a fan of the Time Warp, Argathakul’s dance moves decrease in quality and imagination once she gets tired.

Step 8 - And a step to the right

You can’t blame the tired dragon, it’s a pretty fun song.

Step 9 - Do the pelvic thrust

She doesn’t know the all lyrics, but she knows which moves she likes.

Repeat above steps until she falls asleep

Argathakul will cycle through steps 7-9 until she falls asleep.


This does not seem correct except for the initial boss fight maybe.

In the challenge

1st attack don’t be on the back row.
2nd attack be in the back right quadrant
3rd attack be in front left quadrant.
Now from here on out the pattern will repeat in vertical attacks.
1st round the left side is unsafe.
2nd round the right side is unsafe.
3rd round the center two columns are unsafe.
Then it just repeats.

Be sure to think about Positioning prior to movement so when you get a chance to fire you won’t have a character out of range. Since most of the time there are only two spaces next to the dragon that can be safely occupied, you don’t want to have any more than two melee characters.

You have taken her to her winded point (i.e. half her hit points) after step 3.

As soon as she gets winded, she immediately engages in steps 7-9. As I have written.

I will have to check it out. Usually I only knock a bar or two off her health before she goes to the vertical attacks, I have never had a challenge fight go like the boss battle did, and I have not leveled up since doing the boss battle.

Appears like you might be right. I do a lot more damage to her than I did to the Anvil of Dumathoin for some reason.

Awesome guide, @retsamerol! It’s very detailed, and now I know how to dance correctly with Argathakul. :man_dancing:

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This guide is great. I actually got that he has a pattern but didn’t wuite get it becuase I could only fight him once in the challenge and couldn’t pass rooms #4-#5 at first
I can now 100% of the times kill it even if his inital breath (or former rooms IMBA monsters) kills all but 1 of my characters. Does wonders for the return off the challenge.
Still die at room 7 or at best 8, but once I get to the third iteration I’m sure I could do it just the same.

I realized that maybe this guide wasn’t clear enough. So here’s an example of formations in anticipation of each step of the dance. These screen shots were all taken from the same boss fight.

Step 1: move out of the back row


Step 2: Avoid the bottom left square


Step 3: Avoid the front row


Step 4: Avoid the back row

Step 5-6: Skipped because her HP are < 50%

Step 7: Avoid the left column

Step 8: Avoid the right column

Step 9: Avoid the middle two columns

Once you know where the attacks are going to be, try to move your characters to a location for when they won’t be attacked for 2 or more turns. That means you can sneak in an attack before you have to move.

This is also why the “lazy” formation is the a centered square at the middle front.