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A Dinosaur DNA exchange shop yes or no.?

Its about time LUDIA gave us all ( every last player of the game ) the chance to donate whatever dna strands we have spare and dont need at a fair exchange rate. even if we have to do it through a ludia established * THE DINO DNA EXCHANGE *game shop it doesn’t bother me one bit bring it on i say bring it on !

They ( ludia ) establish a dinosaur dna strands exchange shop in the game whereby we can exchange any dino dna strands we no longer need or have a surplus of, we do it through the exchange shop but each transaction costs us some dna strands as well.

We put up say 300 turtle dna strands for anyone who needs it, the person needing it donates dino dna strands as well as the person receiving it plus a small fee of dinosaur dna strands that goes back into the game for ludia to use as rewards in future strike towers thereby increasing the total amount of dinosaur dna strands we get every time we defeat a strike tower instead of the painfully small amount of dinosaur dna strands we currently get in some strike towers ( 12 rare, 32 rare, 100 common, etc etc ) … true .?

Every last player of the game can divulge themselves of dinosaur dna strands they no longer need, but it is capped at a certain amount per week for each type of dinosaur we wish to exchange ( common, rare, epic, legendary, unique ) APEX dinosaurs are to be excluded from this exchange because it could lead to one sided battles with extremely OP APEX dinosaurs in arenas, friendly challenges etc.

This would be done to stop people rorting ( ripping off ) the system and grabbing more dna strands than they are entitled to get / receive per week with limits set by LUDIA per dinosaur type ( common, rare, epic, legendary & unique ) the higher ranked the dinosaur the less dinosaur dna strands that can be exchanged per week. ( ie ) a limit of 300 to 325 common dinosaur dna strands per week, a limit of 250 to 275 rare dinosaur dna strands per week, a limit of 200 to 225 epic dinosaur strands per week, a limit of 75 to 100 legendary dinosaur dna strands per week, a limit of 30 to 50 unique dinosaur strands per week.

All of this would be strictly controlled by LUDIA the games makers and a permanent record of each transaction would be kept in case of future disputes regarding any lost or non received dinosaur dna exchanges that were made at the in game dna exchange shop.

Yes this involves a lot of work and it will not happen overnight, nor in the blink of an eye all we can do is submit ideas to LUDIA for possible inclusion in the game at some future point in the coming months or years ahead of us all. This idea is feasible and a definite possibility if enough players of the game get behind this idea 100% and back it all the way asking that it be included in the game at some future point.

How many thousands of players have untold amounts of thousands of dinosaur dna strands they no longer require or need having achieved the top level ( maximum amount of dna allowed for each dinosaur in the game ) for their dinosaurs stored in their dinodex ( list of dinosaurs in their possession ).?.

The pictures posted below are just an example of the wide range of dinosaurs we all have available in our dinodex’s ( master list of all the dinosaurs we own in the game ) literally hundreds if not thousands of players have already reached the pinnacle of the game by MAXING OUT a lot of their dinosaurs and have so much spare dinosaur strands that cannot be used anymore because of the very strict limitations placed upon the game where currently we can only donate / trade either common or rare dna strands only.!.


Hey that’s not a bad idea at all, in fact it would be really useful.

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I think its a good idea.

Man level up ur dentis it hurts to see that thing with over 1k dna you can get it to level 26

Ha ha the pictures used are a couple of weeks old and my dinosaurs are higher than the levels depicted above Ardentismaxima is now sitting just below LV24 and rising as is a lot of the others shown above as well. as stated earlier on the pictures used are just examples to show just how many dinosaurs some people really have stored in their dinodex / list of available dinosaurs.

Back then ( when pictures were first taken ) i only had 196 / 203 dinosaurs but i now have 236 / 240 dinosaurs available as of this date ( 08th February 2021 )