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A Dodging Bird

Wrote a little parody of the song “A whole new world” in honour of the almighty Monomimus.

Great dinosaurs should have songs (even bad ones) written in honour of their awesomeness haha

“A Dodging Bird!” - Written by Stiffeno

I can show you a bird
Angry, featherless, splendid
Tell me, sister
Now when did you last let your Mono fight?

I can show you a bird
Dodge you over and over
Over, sideways, and under
In a Momo-mimus fight

A dodging birddddddd
A new fantastic way to play
No way to hit us no
She’ll dodge Draco
They’ll say we’re only cheating!

A dodging birddddd
A dazzling Strat I never knew
But when im over here
Im dodging clear
And now ive got a world of hurt for youuuu (And now ive got a world of hurt for youuuu)

Unbelievable fights
Inexplicable dodging
Pecking, Growling, freewinning
Through a Mono-Minus fight

A dodging bird (Don’t you dare rat tonight)
A hundred thousand dodging streak (Just you wait, it gets better)
Unlike a boosted Thor
Or Draco or
I can’t go back to how I used to play

A dodging birddddddd (Every turn miss alright)
The new Orion to pursue (An evolving new Meta)
I’ll chase that Quetzal yeah!
There’s darts to spare!
Let me share this dodging bird with you

A dodging bird (A dodging bird)
That’s R N G (That’s R N G)
A chilling face (A drakeless place)


Now we need audio :grin:

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Yeah it would be nice but that song has so many high notes and its a duet lol

I cant sing for crap hahaha

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I used Monomimus this morning. :grin:
I though I’d stick with the strike tower theme of flightless birds.


Monomimus and Ornie are mine and my sons favourite dinosaurs, their models and sounds are hilarious lol.

Monomimus Shaking Head “Grrrrrrr” lol

OMG I’m deeeeaaaad! Take my like! X’DDD

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