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A Dracorat x Zorion epic moment

pity some battles i didn’t record. :sob:

i had left my rat and a hurted suchotator. zorion 1 shot crit finished my erlidominus.

so i swapped to dracobomb, but player predicted and swapped to tenontorex.

draco faster, predicting i was to rampage tenonto and win, player swapped to quetzorion and bye bye my rampage.

then i regenerated draco and zorion activated 2-turn full shield.

obviously i was to get shot by 2x zorion and choosen rat stun.

draco survived with about 20 health, zorion stunned and shielded.

draco rampage would do nothing, and speedup wouldn’t be enough to be faster next turn.

then i swapped to almost dead suchotator to spend last zorion’s shield turn, hahaha.

and swapped back to dracobomb, zorion uncovered.

yeeeeahhh! :laughing:

sorry, this episode is opposite to rat extermination series. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But at least is fun. I mean, you had to think on how to properly use your rat against that Zor which is hard to beat if you don’t know how or have the correct Dino against it.

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