A Draw! Who else had it?!


Like in the title, few battles go I did hit 3rd kill but died 3rd time out of wound same turn. Kinda funny :rofl:


Happened to me. Was a tie on round 2; Did an impact and run move; theirs did a strike back, killed mine as it swapped, gave the opponent 3 wins but my dinosaur that replaced the swap did one move and finished his off. We landed in a draw


I had that happen too, soon after I started playing. Same sort of scenario: I killed his third guy, but then my guy dropped from Damage Over Time. I’ve also had it happen in the middle of a game, where both of us lose our fighter and choose a new one at the same time, through the same scenario.


Which dinosaur does a move when swapped in? o.O


Yep just happened to me.


I won this round fair and square and it came up as a draw. I was really upset.


Not a draw but I lost a match 1-0 as we must have timed-out. I should have taken a screenshot.


If you have the damage over time (DOT) affect on your guy, it still finishes its affect before the official turn is over. As a result, even if you kill their dinosaur and get your 3rd kill, the DOT can still finish off your guy and cause you to lose your dinosaur which results in a DRAW! for the round. It seems weird but that’s what happened.


I’m terrible with names but it was my little epic head-butting Dino that did the impact and run


Mine was a case that the counter-attack took mine out and killed it before the swap :cry: Oh well :joy: Learnt to not lose as much health before a swap :joy: