A draw?


anyone had a draw before? the screen froze and I don’t know if we both died at the same time lol

A draw
How did I draw in a match?
Draw battle?

I had a draw once, I killed the third Dino, but the Dot also killed my Dino so it enden in really disappointing draw. I am not sure if the picture was like yours, 2 - 2 or 3 - 3 . But yes, draw is possible, although quite hard to pull of :smiley:


If your opponent got wounding strike (ex: Spinosaurus), And your third dino killed by inflict damage at the turn you k.o. opponent’s third dino, it will become draw.


I had a 3-3 Draw once in one of the lowest Arenas. Finished his dinosaur, but mine died to his 2 turn damage.


ah good call thank you guys, think it was a spinosauras gen2 so that would make sense, it pickled me lol was a tight match tho


Your opponent is obviously a bot account… :blush:


either that or they really struggled with a nickname haha


The name is because of the reset he needed to do after the lock. Had this a few times, obviously does not store real opponent details


Yeah, seems like he had disconnect.


Yup, I killed the last Dino outright but DoTs took me out too.

I thought that was rather special, but I got only coins, no box.


Same thing. Final two were my Dilophosaurus and their Suchomimus. That wound did exactly what it needed to.


Although I do find it odd that it was a draw after only 2 KOs…


I had this happen once! Wondering if anyone else did! The game was 2-2 and my opponent hit me with the wounding strike that starts Dot( damage over time) I had 500 and the clock was running! I had the winning strike waiting and just as I was about to die I hit and took out opponent! But I must have died at the exact same moment and the game said it was a draw!


it happened to me sometimes when they beat my last dinosaur BUT i added a DoT effect to the opponent and it killed the dino and it ended in a draw so it was the same scenario as yours


image How is this possible? Is it with the new update? I didn’t see how it happend because my game crashed. Please explain it to me.




Damage over time…


No. It wasn’t damage overtime. I killed his stygimoloch with rajasaurus counter-attack when he used impact and run. I already had killed 3 of his dinos by then but it still swapped to his t-rex and he killed my third dino. DRAW


Automatic Swap happens even if you kill his third dinosaur just like damage over time so swap also gives you one last move because the swap will still occur!

Unfortunately auto swap and DoT are moves that will complete no matter what and can cause a draw


That looks like the battle is still going on glitch where if you force close and reopen instead of hitting continue might go back in! Can’t be sure because I have only run into this glitch when my opponent won after only killing 1 of my dinosaurs