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A Dropper Thread?

Ludia probably would not let us do it anyway, but what do you all think? For all I know its been tried before.

I already have a list.

  • A Dropper Thread is a good idea, its a good venting outlet
  • A Dropper Thread is a good idea, it may shame droppers
  • A Dropper Thread is a bad idea, it will be abused
  • A Dropper Thread is a bad idea, for other reasons

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it is relatively hard to distinguish who’s having a bad run and who is dropping. save for that lv 30 unique team in 4K trophies. get out of there.


Yeah, I had a much longer post about why it would bad versus good and that was one of the points I came up with also. Many people make it to mid aviary and then get matched with a much larger opponent not realizing there are like different leagues within aviary. But, my list, yes its LV 28-30 unique or apex tier dinos I have found in low and mid Aviary. I look at their team, their standing shown in their alliance and compare it to others. It becomes undeniable in many cases.

I used to hate droppers, but now I understand some of them… dropping like, three or more arenas is ridiculous and shameful, but I can relate to those who drop one, maybe even two, especially on season reset. I dropped a couple of hundred trophies on purpose this last reset… Got down to 5200. Thought that was good enough… Got my main team to get serious again… poor selection twice, lost twice. Almost went back to Aviary…

The Library on season reset is a no man’s land… You can face a barely boosted team of level 26, or max boosted level 30’s…


I guess I would define a dropper differently on where they are to some extent. But, generally I think of someone dropping -500 trophies from where they likely should be as a dropper. A few hundred is possible just on match making alone, but usually in my less-than-library experience, beyond 500 is on purpose. But, the actual amount of the drop is somewhat unknown. All we have is the comparison of others in that range. High aviary has many LV 25 teams from what I gather, but LV 28-30’s of marquee dinos hanging around aviary is really not good for the game and when their max trophy count is within aviary per their alliance, they are almost certainly dropping on purpose. Or, some LV 30 max boost team slumming it up in the library is probably not good for the game. In some cases, they may be people that just never battle, but eventually, they would climb so I think is probably not really what I see.

Aviary ranges from 21s up to 28s. I’ve faced so many lv 27+ teams right at the edge because they fell down from library.


Especially at the beginning of a season you would see that. But, someone with a count of 4700 at LV 28-30 means they started the season in mid aviary. That is suspect. Then to see them in low aviary, that is even more suspect.

As I said, season reset is chaos, and that affects all arenas. Many people who belong to middle Library probably drop back to the Aviary, which makes people from Aviary drop, and so on…

Every season reset lowers my score more and more because I no longer do arena regularly. I had to do one fight yesterday to prove I’m active for a new alliance I just joined (that’s all they require), and because I lost it dropped me down to 5004 trophies. Because I don’t battle regularly I haven’t taken the time to learn all about the new creature abilities, so I’m unlikely to win the next time I need to battle once after season reset. It’ll be back to Aviary for me.

Oh yeah, I am not arguing against that. I see it happen and it sucks. But, I mentioned in the post above a giveaway is their count that shows in their alliance. That is their max count. So, if they are showing as already being in Aviary, that drop occurred prior to the reset, and so was on purpose. No one can fault anyone for fighting in the beginning of the season and getting pushed down. Dropping prior to that on purpose and then hanging around…that is really something I believe is not ok and does deserve fault to be shown.

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Some amount of people are in that boat. Those people would be the exception but even many of them would climb. I imagine after a few fights, you rework your team and then rise back up. If not, you would likely end up having to use dinos you never leveled up the same as your old main team and so your team would then no longer really be akin to a dropper team as it would be lower leveled.

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And then my T20 hp cow shows up in Library.

I would be really careful about starting a dropper thread RIGHT NOW. You have to think that many players have not re-invested their boosts into their teams.I didn’t and guess what, before the reset, I was one of those guys who said he would re-invest very quickly!. So currently, I’ve dropped about 500, and I’m regularly fighting dinos that are 3 levels below mine, on average, but most are heavily boosted already. So I get my a… kicked regularly. But if I win I may look like a dropper who’s simply going back up. So basically, shaming could be totally wrong! That being said, I love my unboosted period. I’m trying all kind of new dinos currently… My original plan was to boost before the end of the month to get back to the Spheres, but I’m not so sure anymore. I may stick unboosted a little bit longer.

i like unboosted play as well. its so refreshing to be able to swap things around at my leisure. I am boosting for raids, but as of now it’s just tuora and she’s not part of the main squad.

Same! Had the same team for too long, and have tons of coins to spend, so trying new dinos. And yep, boosted my Dilo heavily (way to much in fact) for the raids. Tried it in my team, not that great in PvP for sure :slight_smile: Work in progress, but fun!

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It’s interesting you should bring up this topic.
I don’t battle as often as most and try to do maybe an hour a day preferring a slow progression to the 5900’s to avoid the 2 min timer and ending with a “clear my calendar” last week where I will play maybe 2-3 hours a day to push for 6400.
I finished my SD’s at around 0900, completed strike events around 1011, and knocked out my Mammo raid at 1030.
I had planned to battle till 1130ish to knock out my DBI and fill slots so I can begin hunting and get back into my routine after my vacation.
At 1130 I had the DBI, but only 2 Incs and I was down 60 some odd trophies.
I finally got my night time Inc around 1220 and finished up 20 trophies.
I’m pondering the problem
Everyone I have been fighting has the same three L30 dinos max boosted.
I win one or two, time out a few, lose one or two, time out a few.
I am completely unaccustomed to this much of a time sink.
It’s become like one of the weekend tournaments where everyone does the “10 and done!” but now you also have to get your incs.
And you have to do it every… day.
I actually considered dropping today, but I don’t know where the bottom is where the L30 maxed boosted holy trinity ends and there would be no way back up.
Not really sure what I will do, but everyone else appears to be in the same boat.
I think I’ll tread water for awhile and see if Ludia fixes it.
This is by far the… hmmm… weirdest? arena I’ve see to date.
It’s certainly a bad patch. Not even a month and everyone’s looking at each other knowing it needs some sort of overhaul.
I’m a busy guy.
If they don’t fix it I’ll have to drop to attain incs in a timely manner to preemptively keep up with boosts and coin and be ready for when they do actually fix it.
If the HAAST Eagle DNA is really that important I would save time (And ultimately money) waiting for it to be sold in a premium inc.

If anyone sees me climbing from the 5300-5500 range in the future, I promise I wasn’t dropping.
Been unboosted, and will eventually re-boost.
Thinking it might not be this season, though.
Kinda having fun au naturel, and curious where I’ll end up.

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Today I finally had the urge to battle again, which is probably good because I don’t want to be accused of dropping if the season reset or another loss puts me in Aviary (I was at 5004). My incubator slots were empty when I started. I have never dropped on purpose.

At this point, I wouldnt fault players for dropping. Ludia has refused to fix arena in any form. Not Nublar, not seasonally and not reward wise.

Why put in so much effort and anger to get the same reward? An easy win on Lib gives the same reward as 1 hour of Ludia inspired torture playing in Shores.


While I do agree the root of the problem is Ludia and their lack of creating a better arena environment that does not allow for or give cause for this type of behavior, I disagree that the general answer is to be ok with dropping. Consider that the crappy arena is crappy for everyone, and then the issue is made worse by droppers. Its a double edge sword for sure, but in one case its hard to get your rewards because of more competitive play and Ludia’s bad practices so you drop on purpose, and the other case its impossible to win even casual play because of Ludia’s bad practices and you are pushed back by droppers. The answer is not getting mad, dropping, and then ruining the game for lesser players. At no point is it ever really acceptable and the fault of the action of dropping lies within the dropper, even if those actions are prompted by inaction on Ludia’s part.

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