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A dumb and mind driving creature

So I was bored and made a creature that could drive a man insane because the match would last forever and make you rage quit in the middle of the match


Indom/edom revenge cloak


Good luck getting a revenge cloak off against something that deals 0 damage

You never know. They might swap after killing your first dino or they have an auto swap into this creature

Mabey a high lvl Entelolania could take it down, just stack persistent strike till the devestation. Actually i belive a lvl 26 entelolania with 1 attack boost can 1 shot it with persitant strike + devestation. ( i know this because i have that exact creature lol)

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Maybe you should add a counter attack and that would be its only damaging move.

Mortem Rex has entered the chat.

I tested if a mortem could take down this creature but couldn’t. So mortem isn’t enough


thanos with the gauntlet?

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i see one problom there is no move that can be used they all have Cooldowns

There is no way for all of them to be on cooldown at the same time. So there would always be at least one or two moves always available.

I mean a level 30 Mortem with 10 attack boosts could one shot it with the fierce rampage, but yeah a level 26 can’t