A fair PVP battle?


First of all I would like to say yes I all over like the otherwise I would pack up and go spend more time on one of my other PVP online games! With that being said I think a true PVP experience can only be obtained by strategic selection of course with a slight damper to offset the OP high rollers. Granted there will always be challenges, but it seems the current random selection isn’t working for most otherwise there would be the posting about its dysfunction. My theory would be to allow you to select your main team with only two of the same type of Dino’s allowed. Then for the four you can also pick your own selection, but only one from each type. Finally, those four one battles cannot be use for either the next turn or maybe. This would allow for true gamer selection making the results good or bad a personal choice that each would have to own instead of the current BOT to decide for you. I also think it would stop any OP rolling attempts. All constructive replies are welcome…


I was thinking of suggesting that you dino’s can only be used 3 times in battle and then have to rest till the next day. But that would mean you might win a couple battles but then you loose the rest of the day because the rest of your dino’s are too low.

In order to counter this, they would need to pit people against each other based on their highest team level dino to make it a fair match. Right now they pit you against someone with the closest amount of trophies which is why you get strong teams against weak ones.

I play around with lesser dinos for a while trying them out. I go down a couple hundred trophies and then put my high team back on and chain win back up. Purposely loosing to win is a tactic that I use occasionally.


It would make every player have to collect more DNA for all their Dino’s, but isn’t that what this game is all about collecting Dino DNA ? Then you power them up for arena battles so why just have a selected few ready up? Only the OP rollers won’t like this type of fair solution. Because even if all your Dino’s respectfully were ready for battle they all would have to rest for a turn or two after a battle. No more OP battle rolls, sounds good :smiley:


No thank you. I don’t mind it the way it is. You win some you lose some. Even the “OP High Rollers”, have to have random pick between 8 of their dinosaurs.

I’ve played games where they force you to rotate by keeping damage received in battle, by having to heal and recover knocked out team members, and it’s all just more stuff for the micro-purchases. I like that whether I win or lose, my dinosaurs are back to full health and ready for the next round right away. I only battle to fill incubator spots anyway. Once full, I stop. I battle for 10 - 15 minutes and I’m good to go. On bad streaks a bit longer until I get that last incubator.

I have other dinosaurs I’m building up and when I level them high enough to compete, I will replace one or two in my lineup and see how they interact with the rest of my team when they get drawn for battle. I like the minimal randomness, because I personally am a creature of habit, I would pick the same ones over and over again because I would have developed a routine. Picking my 8 gives me just enough control to be satisfied, and random 4 of the 8 to battle with is just enough randomness to not irritate me. :slight_smile:


I appreciate your opinion, but disagree strongly. I prefer not to have a BOT choose my Dino’s. I enjoy knowing my selection and play method wins the match, not a BOT. I have confidence I will have a better outcome and one I caused happen. There are plenty of games that BOT’s do the thinking for ya I tend to stay away from them. I choose to be leader not a follower…Imagine Dragons :dragon:


If it was truly random tho… So many times now I have lost multiple times in a row because my opponent got the pick of the litter and I got crap… Sometimes, I even think that oh thanks for the epic incubator and the 10 rounds of bots that are always superior. You just gotta keep at it until you win, dude.


Hey I think I like this idea you suggest. I had not thought about that. Being forced to “rest” your dinosaurs that are tired from battling would mean everyone uses their lesser dinos and then you for sure will need to go level those guys up too. It has potential to even the playing field…at least for a while I think.


I am not complaining about losing, it’s the method of losing or winning a I don’t care for. If I went up against a opponent and we both chose are best four out of the team of eight and I lost prefect the opponent picks and strategic moves were better mine. I just don’t like the Dino BOT computer solitaire hand it takes away what PVP is all about. Like picking your line up and making your hand you picked for the battle work for you! Win or lose you can only blame yourself with this method. As it now I feel cheated if I lose and not fully happy with a victory either because I didn’t have full control over picking my team.


No need to punish the people who pay for the game. They deserve to have an advantage. That’s what they paid for. And money is what pays for the game to keep going and get constant updates. I’d like to pick the 4 dinos I’m fighting with each round but I also don’t want to fight Indoraptors every round. At least the team of 8 prevents people from ALWAYS having their powerhouse setup. It would be the same fight every time if everyone only focused on 4 dinos.


Seems fair to me, both you and your opponents 'saurs are automatically selected, so no disadvantage there. I feel that if you could select your team of 4 then the game would become limited down to certain unbeatable combinations (similar to Pokemon main games - not PoGo) . This approach in JWA keeps the challenge fresh IMHO.

It’ll be made far more fair soon once they’ve removed the lame a55 spoofers and cheaters who aren’t very good at games that they need to cheat in JWA. Then we (the good players) can have some good clean fun. :slight_smile:


I have already spent money on this game and would prefer to pick my own. Without being able to pick my team the thrill of the match is not the same. For example one of the games I play WOT its a ttank game I pick my tank, crew, cannon, ammo and various other items but each component of my pick can decide the out come win or lose. Your opponent does the same it’s the thrill of out thinking your opponent through your strategic picks and moves that adds excitement. Having a computer pick maybe the most important part of my strategy just takes away the fun of out maneuvering your opponent for me…


Yea, it would add more of a challenge to the battles, if you are looking for a real PVP battle experience. I am beginning to to think the average age group playing this is more or less in the geriatrics range and like things nice and simple.


I like to avoid indoraptors at all cost :joy: them not getting it on their team is nice


Hey you kids get off my lawn :joy::joy::joy:


I am not a kid nor am I ready for retirement either…Just saying it’s been my experience when peeps like a nice slow game they can keep up with it’s normally the older folks that’s all…


I was just kidding trick! That is the movie and tv cry of the old folks!

I’m 19 :smiley:

Well my shoes are :joy::joy:

Sorry folks no age reveal today!


So back to the PVP battles it will benefit all players to have the say over your strategic line up. Of course with the said measures to counter any attempt to OP roll…let’s get Ludia on board with it :hugs:


I play WoT too, but that involves paying stoopid amounts of money over the long-term (for premium access/tanks and gold ammo, etc, etc) hardly a similar comparison for a casual mobile game.


How would it be punishment? I have spent money on this game just as I have on my other 8? If they gave a clear advantage to those of us that spent money it would be a lonely game. Those that can’t affect to pay to win simply just wouldn’t play. What your money buys you is more DNA or other supplies so you can collect more DNA. If that an advantage it would only be short lived, because those that can’t afford to pay to win would sooner or later will catch up. Unless you keep throwing money at the game to stay ahead. With that being said there is still no disadvantage for those of US that sink money into this game regularly. To the contrary if you pick your line up it would be more personal and than you can say you truly beat your opponent not a BOT, that picked Dino line up for battle! It would actually be more fun to pick your strategic Dino’s!


But unfortunately being able to select certain dinos would undoubtedly result in a less-balanced game not better balanced game. Certain people will always be selecting indoraptor/indominus Rex, teams etc. And that would get old very quickly tbh.