A fairly long perspective from a free to play player on boosts and tournaments

So as someone who plays the game fairly regularly almost everyday I overall enjoy most aspects of the game from darting, fusing and occasionally battling. However when it comes to battling there’s often times when I dread entering the arena. I will start off by saying I understand Jam City/Ludia are a company and they need to make money by selling boosts HOWEVER they should also look into playtime as well. There’s plenty of times I open the app and enter a match and see I’m going to get steam rolled and I just immediately close the app until later. My team is not bad, it just cannot compete at higher tiers due to the boost disparity. I recently made an accomplishments of reaching the Gyrosphere despite not having a single level 30 creature with average boosts on most of my team. With the current state of the game due to recent developments with mega hybrids I’m hesitant to level any creature on my team past 26 in fear it may get a hybrid and with DNA scarcity with event exclusives it’s something I’d rather not take a risk on. The most recent examples include IndoT and S. Rex both requiring Carno DNA released months after and then Albertospinus who just received a buff only to get outclassed by Albertocevia just released. You dump your boosts into one creature and then a flashy new toy shows up and you cannot get your boosts back without a heavy penalty if you do not have a token which leads me into my next category. Boost tokens are a good idea but the limitations are absolutely atrocious being only able to have 1 of each so you can only deboost one creature while you’re at Ludia’s mercy to wait for another boost reset token. The biggest issue I have as a free to play player with the tokens is that my boosts are not evenly spread on some creatures simply because they did not need it. You are punished for slightly boosting a creature, do I feel i should have to waste a token to refund 3 tiers of health/attack/speed? Absolutely not so my boosts are stuck on that creature that fell out of favor most likely to never be used again. I will have to wait until one of my more heavily boosted creatures gets a nerf to justify using a token. Next let’s move onto tournaments. They are simply not rewarding enough for the time invested. Next Alliance Championship is rumored to be Albertospinus, why? We have a raid that is easily available if you meet the level requirement to get Albertospinus DNA, why not give us an Albertocevia Championship, ya know, the one without a raid? If we look at the tournament payouts, for coins, the top 500 get 100,000 coins on a skill tournament week thats fine but during an advantage week thats a nightmare, it usually takes me close to 30 battles to fill my incubator slots and the weekend I may have to do double that to be rewarded for a weeks worth of supply drops on coins? The same with boosts which is where it’s especially taxing, boosts are so valued that everyone tries the hardest in these tournaments yet again the top 500, get 40 boosts? That’s LESS than a weeks worth of spins for all of the slogging you had to do to get that far. It becomes “get my ten takedowns for my alliance and get out show” for probably the majority of players. If we had a better payout for tournaments even if it varied for Skill/Advantage tourneys I feel it would incentive people to at least try to play the game longer. Ludia/Jam City need to take the time to re-think the boost token as well as the overall tournament system. If I knew I had a chance to win more coins if I placed the same in an advantage tourney as a skill tourney I myself would probably want to spend money of the game because I can see my investment instead of dragging myself through more hours of the same garbage rewards and its not like leveling up dinos is cheap either. Those are just some of my fairly long thoughts, thank you for anyone who reads this and I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes.