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A few game suggestions to make the game better (in my opinion)

These are my suggestions for JWTG to make every player like the game more. These suggestions include:

  • Pack suggestions
  • Bug fixes
  • New dinos
  • Balance changes

Pack changes

  • If we are gonna have hybrid showdown again and it isn’t just this week, remove the 60% for 250 DNA for the 4th card. Make it all hybrids
  • Make gyrosphere events cheaper. No one wants to spend 250 bucks for a common hybrid or get an unlucky matchup and lose instantly

Bug fixes

  • Fix the ‘connection to game server lost issue’. People will still get it even if they have excellent WiFi
  • Fix the tournament thing for if you disconnect you can’t continue the battle. Everyone knows the tournaments are bots

New dinos

  • Add more snakes like the madtsoiidae. (Health: 3156, Attack: 821)
  • A new top tier amphibian or 2 and a new top tier herbivore.

Balance changes

  • VIP may already be pretty good but the SG+ creatures are just SG creatures but VIP exclusive. VIP exclusive creatures should be stronger. I was thinking along the lines of legendary hybrid ferocity (indominus rex for example).

Agree with all of your stuff except the vip thing

I always believed that ludia going from vip creatures being only for vips to everyone but at 2x times the price was one of the best decisions they did. An extremely powerful tier of creatures shouldn’t be put behind an paywall

Now as an non vip I would have liked no creature to be vip exclusive, but I guess having exclusive creatures that aren’t stronger than non exclusive creatures are a good comprise

Now they can put some creatures with unique stats combinations in there (like a true class canon herbivore) which non vips don’t have but I don’t think they should be making SG+ creatures have much more ferocity than the others.


What about Isla Sorna tile unlocks


ludia need to change the hybrid showdown, it is not worth it to use your best hybrid for dna when there is a tournament for indominus rex ongoing


More hybrids in general, I want options like we have with the carnivorous hybrids, not oh this is the only reef hybrid so I geuss il be making this and this is the only amphibian hybrid so I guess il be making that etc…


That won’t happen soon unless we get one in jwa

I recommend don’t assume with full guarantee that Ludia will or won’t do something, yes there are certain observed patterns but we cannot fully guarantee that Ludia wouldn’t break that pattern.


We have enough tourney creatures. Iguanadon and edmontosaurus, kapro g2 and spino g2

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If they don’t go with Edmontoguanadon and decide to fuse one of them with an Amphibian, then it’ll be good… Except of course, if the hybrid becomes Herbivore class. :woozy_face::crazy_face:


Well it is typical ludia fashion to do that lol

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Yep i would welcome a new basal gen 2 or normal dinosaur

I don’t think they will use edmontosaurus and iguanodon for anything else unless they’re having a seccond hybrid in jwa

You can never know for sure. For example they used lythronax for glythronax and not purrolyth.


Because they didn’t had purrusaurus gen 2 or 1

Only a matter of time before purussaur gets added I hope…

Yo tengo mi sugerencia
Que exista una opción para intercambiar activos con otros usuarios como dinosaurios o adn o dinero etc

Translated from Spanish

I have my suggestion
That there is an option to exchange assets with other users such as dinosaurs or DNA or money etc.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.


Welcome to the forums @Neissprro73


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Your welcome. I see tou made your own topic, could you put an English translation on it?