A few game suggestions

Thanks for a very fun game, I have the following suggestions I think would improve the game experience:

  • On the Social screen, separate Request and In-game chat to different tabs or screens.
  • Make it possible to see dino level when donating DNA on a request, not only amount of DNA.
  • On Collection screen, include a search bar at the top. When clicking on it, the user should be able to enter a search string or to press a predefined search button that becomes visible. Examples of predefined search buttons could be to only display Uniques, Legendaries, Epics, Rares, Epic/Rare Hybrids, Commons, Not Collected, Dinos in Sanctuaries… (The reason for this is to avoid too much scrolling when having close to all or all available dinos).
  • On Collection screen, add “Recently received DNA” as search filter to be able to Evolve/Fuse with dinos you recently got DNA for (to minimize scrolling).
  • Please make Undiscovered Creatures visible again when clicking on them.
  • When exiting a sanctuary go back to dino screen if sanctuary was entered from that screen, and not to top of Collection screen.

Best regards, Moorstream