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A Few Good Ideas

I’m not here to complain, just wanted my thoughts out there about a few things. Whether I have your support or not, at least I said it. :grin: I really do appreciate this game and did have some major complaints when I first started, but after a while, I saw the method to the madness. I get it. Lol.

  • Firstly, Glaivedriver…
    Call me Grimmella and make me a bad guy, because I was more than ecstatic when the Deathgrippers arrived. They’re exotic, deadly, and when I train them, I always say, “I’m feeding my Deathgripper.” So maybe this may seem like I have some favoritism toward them and that may be true, but I honestly feel like Glaivedriver is a missed opportunity as far as his special abilities. Fenrir’s Eviscereaper is stronger by the looks of it and as much time and work as Glaivedriver takes to obtain, I was hoping for more. So I’m hoping this really gets put into consideration or is already being re-evaluated and the “beneficial effect loss” is a temporary fix. He’s the face of the arena feature. Can we reconsider this? He definitely could have been used to help balance things especially when there’s so many complaints about 2 specific strong dragons. As I recommended in another topic, I would have liked to see an ability block or a revive health block. One of their speeds is “Very Fast” so I don’t see the need to adjust Glaivedriver’s speed if it was changed to an ability block of some sort it would at the very least block the second brutal attack by this dragon.

  • Production Boosts
    If you’re not considering at least halfing the the time it takes to generate 1 energy, I think it would be an awesome idea to implement a card or something that speeds up the production of a resource of your choice. Low on coins? Use a speed card to speed up production for one hour. Out of energy? Use a speed card. Out of fish? You know what to do. :woman_shrugging:t2: I know there’s not exactly an inventory, but I’m getting to that next… to make it fair, perhaps limit the inventory to 5 speed cards and/or only 1 in use at a time. Make them purchasable through runes or chests or whatever, but I think this would be a neat feature!

  • Inventory feature
    For now, we have to look at certain dragons to find out how many scales we have. I think it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have an inventory feature to show with one click what we have or don’t have for convenience. I also believe that instead of taking up space in the roster, that the trust points should be gathered here freeing up a handful of space vs expanding the roster to appease the collectors. I get it, I played Pokémon, I eventually want to collect them all, too. Unfortunately, to make room, I’ve had to drop nice 5*’s from my roster to make room for hatching eggs to power up my more favored dragons. This is also a bit of a missed opportunity as these collectors aren’t participating in the events due to lack of space. I know the bulk of the inventory is displayed at the top, which I think should stay, but having regular access, it would make things easier to take a peek in the “Satchel (my idea of what to call it)” to figure out what scales we’re low on instead of bouncing through the dragon cards.

  • Extra breeding slot
    WAIT! Hear me out… I know we just increased the breeding odds and this idea would be insane. SO! Instead of the other slot also increasing breeding odds, what if instead each time you bred, it cut the time down. I haven’t actually paid attention to what the times are on each dragon, so don’t laugh, but let’s say breeding dragons X and Y take 17 hours to breed. Breed them once, it’s 17 hours, breed again, it’s 16:45, again, 16:15, and down until you’re at the 5x max until you acquire the desired dragon and it resets. Same as the breeding buffer but with time. Or just leave it be and it be the generic slot with the old odds and same time. Either way, there’s some room I gotta make in my roster and the extra breeding slot would help.

  • Clan Switch
    No, not switching clans, but definitely make a switch to turn the privacy on and off. I asked for this feature a while back. Just restating it while I’m here!

  • Clan Officer
    Promoting someone just means you forfeit your title to someone else. As a clan leader, I’m not available 24/7 and I don’t pay attention to the tiny details a lot. I’d like the ability to designate a Clan Officer who ranks as an equal to assist me while I’m absent to boot those who need booting , (if the switch idea happens since I’m an open clan at the moment) accept new members/applicants, and monitor chat.

  • Drop event dragon cards
    I’d like to be able to transfer acquired trust points to another trust dragon I’m working for, but I know that’s a stretch. If anything, I’d like to turn off certain trust point dragons and stop collecting trust points and just play the quests. If I have them and they’re maxed out, I would like the ability to drop them out of my roster or inventory (hopefully someday). I also mentioned this earlier, but I think it’s another good one to revisit while I’m here.

I think that about wraps it up. I feel like I had more, but I’m sure this won’t be my last suggestion post. I’m really enjoying the game and I really want to see it continue to grow! Hope to see my ideas in future updates to come! Thanks for reading!


I really like the production boost idea and the inventory, I and others have put the idea out numerous times - maybe someday it’ll be implemented… One point with your TP idea. If you have event dragons that you haven’t trained (not got 1000 TP) they don’t take up actual spots in your roster. I still think the max for the roster needs increasing as they keep adding new dragons


@NightLight4 ah, I wasn’t aware they didn’t take up roster space. Seemed like it did since they’re in the roster but I didn’t actually count. Lol.

It seems to be a really common misconception. I thought it too until not that long ago (and that was only because someone else said something. I think @CaptWacky) . It’s not like they really do anything to make it more clear.

Honestly I think the roster needs a more organized overhaul. Section for sheep, section for WIPs- and if it were me, I’d personally go further. But I know I tend to overcompensate when it comes to organization. :roll_eyes:

They just have too many (with more coming) to really get away with the system as it is right now.


I agree. I like things organised too. Would be good to have one area from which you can’t accidentally use a dragon to level up another - did that with one of the hybrids once so couldn’t complete the quest…


@Mysterious I agree as well. Perhaps the sheep could go into inventory. They also use roster space and I think it would be easier to manage them in their own category within an inventory feature. Sheep, scales, boosts, trust points, etc. it’s not really limited to just one. Primarily, I want to see the roster have only the dragons we acquired.

@NightLight4 also a good idea. Perhaps have a “favorite” button to press so it locks the dragon and you can’t select it to level the wrong dragons without having to go into that dragon and deselect.

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Hi @Elizabeth_Bounds,

Thank you for the very detailed breakdown and explanation of your suggestions. This will be shared with our team!

Happy holidays in advance! :christmas_tree:


Glaivedriver - should of kept the Counterattack ability. Bad move Ludia.

Production Boosts - Or Ludia could up the energy rewards on Duties to 4. Remember it used to be 5 until it was lowered to 3.

Inventory - Players have been asking for improvement to inventory system for months. I requested that Valka’s crossbreed duty be removed. Because the real world implication is that it forces players to keep 2-star dragons in inventory. All that Ludia did was lower the requirement from 2 breeds to 1. Thanks for nothing Ludia.

Extra breeding slot - Breeding odds are excellent now. Some argue that they are too good. No need to add another slot.

Clan Switch - Again something that I complained to Ludia months ago. The clan system needs a ton of improvements. Sometimes I wonder if any of the developers bother to play the game or lead a clan.

Clan Officer - yup

Drop event dragon cards - yes. It is aggravating to see Dreadfall Toothless in inventory with 3 TP and know that it’s going to sit there like that for a year. Also, giving random TP in Alpha chest was a bad idea.

Thanks for the write up @Elizabeth_Bounds . Unfortunately, over time you will learn as I did that Ludia couldn’t care less. Titan Uprising is just a money grab in a long list of games developed by Ludia.

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@CaptWacky I would like a second breeding slot only because I have 2 5*’s I’m breeding and it takes SO long and my luck isn’t the best. Meanwhile, I have 3’s and 4’s sitting in the queue ready to start and I’m stuck until I get that last copy I’m determined to get. It would be less of a drag to me to have more than one slot which is why I suggested the time cut as you progress 1-5x breeding.

They did cut the energies, but that was because before they had other rewards. It balances out. But I don’t only get frustrated about lack of energy. Fish and coin production can be super slow at times and takes me forever to save enough to hatch or power up dragons

Glaivedriver was a disappointment. Especially for me since they’re my favorite. Even over Toothless. (gasp! How dare I?!) but I’m thinking (and hoping) it was a quick fix until after the holidays.

(Yes, I’m doing this completely out of order. My brain is fried today.)

Inventory is a good idea and it should be stated again and again. They’re only human. I remember we had the Valka duty discussion and again, I use a reroll on it. It’s your choice on if you want to do it and doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep 2*’s some people prefer the hybrids and get them done. I am determined to finish out my BoD with the “purebreds” first and then move to hybrids which will be about when I start Valka’s quests. Not entirely sure what that has to do with inventory, though.

Clan stuffs… they do play it. They’ve slipped it in a few times. It’s also an insignificant addition, so I’m sure that’s not the focus.

Event cards - I agree… that’s been my only pet peeve so far. This is the one that truly aggravates me and would like to see remedies sooner than later.

For the longest time, I did think it was a money grab and maybe I encouraged it. I did see one of my ideas implemented in the game soon after I suggested it. I am P2W. I have spent money on this game because I asked them to make the purchasable packs. Don’t know how long you’ve been playing, but before, they didn’t have all those except for when you reached certain levels. It was a drag. Now they tempt the heck out of me, but it’s cool. That’s what I asked for. So I have faith they’re listening, but they’re people, too. Perhaps with appropriate tact and not whining or taking jabs may make them more open to hear what you have to say. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Second breeding slot is one of the best things that can be added. But each slot must have its own breeding boost.

The game needs transferring trust points. I have Toothless trained to 5* and for his 4th copy I have 967 points, so I can’t progress in exploration or complete his event quest to get runes. I don’t want to waste 1000 TP for useless copy.
Transferring TP can be able only for those TP dragons that you have 3 copies. Can’t transfer trust points to Maeve’s Buffalord or Glaivedriver.

Game also needs a way to protect or lock dragons so they can’t accidentally be fed to another dragon.

Only way to truly protect a dragon right now is to have it in a lineup.

Also I’d add more dragon teams. When the game was first released there was questing only. Now there are 5 unique alphas plus arena, all of which require a different set of dragons to do battle.

Most people could’ve completely ended story mode by now. I actually quit in the last map area months ago because I didn’t want to exhaust the game completely. The game needs additional lands and then a way to go back and replay previous areas. Not to collect extra rewards, but to be able to play test and practice and get better.


@TheDragonSlayer Agreed.