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A few idea/question

First question

Is there any plan to increase the pool of hero that can be selected for PvP?

Instead of adding new hero would it be possible to add gear choice to those that already exist and / or review some item?

As for item can we change how stealth work? I think it would be nice to add something of a bonus for a creature that is invisible right now in PvP with all the zone attack or random attack stealth is near useless. I don’t know maybe someone can come up with better idea but let say if someone is stealth there a x% that the hit is miss anyway or reduce the damage by x

And last idea for this morning.

Many game use this kind of option but could we get that if we clear a challenge we unlock the possibility that for exemple once a day we auto complete it. And if you want you can make it so vip have an extra free auto complete and the option to get more?

I don’t remember what renown level it gets there at but I am at renown 20, so the max, and it picks from 8 possibles. As of now there is only 10 heroes so it only leaves two out, only one if you don’t have jarlaxle. I don’t know where you are at in renown but it goes up the higher you get

The stealth thing is a tough one for me. I personally believe the have enough of an advantage when they arent able to be targeted, and the rogue has that attack that gives extra damage, and quite often kills, when attacking from stealth.

I am renown 20y hero are between 13- 15 and around 3500 PvP score.

I know it max 8 but I like being able to play all of them

Yeah I haven’t heard anything about increasing the pool.

Honestly I would personally like to shorten the pool. I like the idea of having more control over who I might get and you could always switch them in and out as you please. I do get the appeal of randomness but it is not what I prefer.

I agree. I would prefer to reduce the pool by 1 or 2 heroes.

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I agree with reducing the pool, but it’s not in the dev interest as it means we focus on less characters.

Yeah overall I would love just being able to choose. However, that would likely end up with everyone choosing relatively the same heroes, except where either really good or really bad gear might change someone’s mind, so I see why they do the randomness. Like I said I would just like a little more control myself, even if they just lowered the pool by one or two.

Agree MKb :wink: about stealth not being changed - if anything they should jus fix it.

A cleric with stealth and the 3 turn death ward and a good taunt is almost impossible to beat