A few ideas that some can think about


How you doing everyone?! First, I would like to start off that I love this game tremendously. I feel like they did a great job showing this game as being different from many other Augemented Reality Mobile games. Now, throughout the years of being an avid dinosaur lover, I’ve played a GREAT many dinosaur games. Here I would like to share a couple that I have thought of and maybe could be implemented later on. Also, I see that the game doesn’t really have a good end game. After grabbing a few legendary hybrids, a few unique, and a couple of good spots on the battle ranking. It seems like a person could be content with that and be done. Hopefully, my ideas can help prevent that or postpone the end game for quite a while.

  1. First idea, I grabbed his from a relatively old game called Fossil Fighters (and Dinosaur King for the DS if anyone remembers). Perhaps having some excavation sites appear to be able to actually clone our own dinosaurs. I don’t know if anyone remembers the first Jurassic Park, but they didn’t clone from already made dinosaurs but actually do some paleontology work with excavating. Perhaps having mini games to dig the fossil out of the ground would fit well with mobile and give a fresh new look. Also, perhaps specific luck-based quality of the fossils can determine the amount of DNA you’ll be receiving. Or, perhaps if you don’t like the dinosaur you can sell it for cash. That way, there is another avenue to create cash other than just pit stops.

  2. Second idea, I know people will think of Pokémon GO but having our own Avatar is a great idea! It makes the player feel they are actually following dinosaurs and creating a character that is a badass. Perhaps I’m just really hoping for a cartoony version of me wearing a brimmed sun fedora like Dr.Alan Grant but oh well.

  3. Third idea, the ability to interact with other players more. Perhaps a guild, changing the combat arena to also play against friends (for no reward, just for fun so as not to change the meta), also bouncing off the fossil idea, maybe trading DNA fossils. If the point of a augmented reality is to experience reality with slight alterations, wouldn’t being social also count as part of reality?

  4. Fourth idea, having daily missions to obtain cash, DNA, and darts (perhaps energy for drilling tools if my excavation idea is implemented), can be a way for many players to constantly find a way to jump back in every day. A simple idea, but one that can be very beneficial.

  5. Final and fifth idea, this is more for aesthetics but I feel like that’s very important in a game. In the early 2000s, Turok: Evolution was released and I thought it was amazing. Back then, I kinda loved using cheats to be able to see what hidden gems the games held when used. If you typed in ZOO in the cheat bar of the game, you would be sent to an actual zoo that contained all the enemies (dinosaurs) you faced so far in the game. Perhaps something like this could be implemented as well, either with AR or a separate little area in the game. Something that allows you to see, name (a different dinosaur from the ones you use to fight and not able to change the name), care for, and nurture all the dinosaurs you’ve cloned (or grown if you harken back to my first idea). You’d think if the DPA cloned dinosaurs then they’d make sure they’d be kept safe and cared for. I wouldn’t mind tickling or feeding my velociraptor or dracorex.

Thank you all for your time and your consideration. Have a very lovely day!