A few JWA Questions I Have

So fierce, cunning and whatever the other class is matter in PVP?

Is PVP really with real players?

When the season resets do your trophies go to back to your current amount?

Thank you for anyone willing to answer these questions!

classes I believe are like guidelines to help players figure out what’s good against what, so like fierce are good at beating resilient, resilient beating cunning, cunning beat fierce, etc.

PvP is real players but AI can be fought sometimes

And season reset does go back to your current amount after battling, so if you end the season for example at 2500, once you battle, you win you’ll get like 2530/plus whichever amount you get, you lose then 2470/whatever trophy count is deducted, sorry not the best at explanations


Anything below Aviary, you’ll play the AI if you lose twice in a row. You’ll notice there won’t be any wait time for the match, they’ll play terribly, and generally will be under-leveled. You can also tell since no matter how quickly you choose your moves they are always ready.

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Classes do matter in pvp cunning is good against firce because they are faster diminish the crit chance and they discract and dodge. Fierce is good against resilient since it goes through armor and breaks shields and has high damage amounts plus they cleanse vulnerability . Resilient is good against cunning because they can decrease a cunning’s speed they can cleanse distract and remove dodge, remove speed increase, and add vulnerability.

Yes you play against real players.
And finally your trophies will stay the same unless if you reach shores. I believe your trophies drop to the lowest amount to be in shores.