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A few new dino concepts+mono rework

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Metricanthosaurus, in my opinion, will fit with the Carnotaurus, and Lythronax animation


Death roll is so OP. your guaranteeing almost 80% damage to a creature turn 1. add the 25% counter to it and anything that can’t decrease attack or 1 shot Deinosuchus is toast. not to mention that it only has a 1 turn cool down. Absolutely not! Now way! Not Ever! That move alone makes this creature OP. I would also not give it crit reduction resistance if cunnings are meant to be a counter to it.

Would not give Austroraptor or Luminozopteryx super high crit chance unless there’s a specific reason for it. I don’t see a reason for it, but feel free to explain your reasoning.

Metriachanto is wayyyyyyyy too OP. Seriously. Nothing with a counter attack should have an attack value higher than 1300. I can already imagine people swapping this thing in as another version of a swap in attack

1700 on a 1x attack is pretty OP. easy fix is to make it a .5 or a .25 counter.

This is my version of Metriacanthosaurus

Rarity: Rare

Health: 3590

Damage: 1000

Speed: 105

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Resilient Strike

Taunting Shields

Ferocious Strike

Passive: Swap in Ferocity, and Armor Piercing Strike


For deinosuchus cunnings like utahraptor and dakotaraptor easily take it down in 2 turns
For austroraptor health tanks and armor tanks beat it in a couple of turns turns so it’s not 9p

Oh and deinosuchus is meant to counter diplodocus so.

Those cunnings barely take it out (talking by 10 HP for utah) on even grounds. and are left with 40% HP after the first initial attack, which is easily in swap in range of pretty much anything with vulnerability effect applied anyway. They couldn’t swap out because Deinosuchus has no escape. so they won’t be effective in an arena setting. and just because some cunnings can take it out does not mean Death Roll isn’t an OP move. any non cunning (this included resilients and other fierce) that has to attack turn one will die against it due to everything the move does plus the counter. That is too OP for any creature. I don’t care how you try to spin it that cunnings can kill it. If it can 1 Turn KO 80% of the creatures in the game its too OP.

Austroraptor: i get that tanks beat it, but if there isn’t any logical reasoning why it needs to have 40% crit chance to either do its job or be part of its gimmick, it doesn’t need that high of a crit chance. 99% of the cunnings have 20% or below.

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there i fixed it you happy

Happy? Get rid of Expose Weak Spot for Vulnerability Strike

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There you go



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but also another issue. Revenge shattering rampage already exists in the game and does not do what yours does. gonna have to change the name of yours if you want the effects to stay the same.

Wait there is a move cakled revenge shattering rampage in game?

Yeah. It’s basically just a normal rampage without the delay on revenge. Only entelochops has it.

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It’s odd that it’s attack stat is so low considering it’s supposed to rival T.Rex in bite force.

Anyway, being able to deal >62% of your opponent’s HP bypassing shields and armour on turn 1 with a counter-attack that deals 25% more (>31% with a crit, which is likely), is probably too much. It also adds Vulnerability. Rending Takedown does a lot less and even it has a delay.

It also has an effective HP of 4840, so no, even the best non-hybrid Cunnings cannot kill it reliably in 2 hits.

Austroraptor’s damage output is nuts compared to all other Cunnings. It’s also bulkier than all of its competitors, it’s not like it’s a glass cannon. That counter-attack also means it can swap in and deal 1500 damage with Swap-in Dodge, plus it has a 25% crit chance.

I really like the fact that many people take their time to think about creatures they think should be added in the game but man, why are those creatures ALWAYS overpowered! I mean, in pvp deinosuchus would probably be more relevant than 80% of the current in-game legendaries