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A few new ideas

These are a few ideas I had in mind for Jurassic World the Game and I was wondering what you all thought of these.

  1. choosing S-DNA
    When you do the missions, you only have 2 S-DNA rewards, the velociraptor and whatever the other S-DNA depending on rotation. I was wondering if ludia can implement a feature where we can choose what kind of S-DNA we get from the missions.

  2. New VIP building
    Since bucks are scarce in this game, I was wondering if VIPs can get a dino buck building and players can be rewarded up to 50 bucks every 24 hours

  3. Bugs
    I was also wondering if Ludia can implement a ‘report a bug’ feature where the user can report a bug in the game and it is sent directly to the devs for them to fix.


Yeaaaah about the second one… they may not add that since it defeats the purpose of Fidelity.


I like this, but with choosing the dna, we should be stuck with the choice for a week, maybe a day at least. That way we can’t go willy nilly with the sdna. The second point im ok with, but like Jurrasic Fury said, it ruins the purpose of fidelity. Maybe just more bucks in packs would be fine. And the report a bug is nice, that would be quicker, but I think you can do it on the forums.


You have a point

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vip Buck building is great idea bec fidelity price is alarming

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or maybe just a legendary building like badge beacon and that big tower u unlock at like lvl 10
but instead gives dna or bux at lvl 50 or a high lvl