A few notes


Love the game. Long time D&D fan. Just a few thoughts:

  1. In the help section their should be something breaking down what archetypes are and how they work. I took screenshots of loading pages to figure it out myself. Also can you change a PC’s archetype by choice?

  2. Story/Challenge mode are great, but I am finding it somewhat repetitive going through the return to sharpstone keep over and over. The story slows right down as your level plateaus, and each stage of the challenge is only 3 rooms and then the same boss. I know this is only beta so I guess I am just wondering if much more is planned beyond these two for now.

  3. There is a discrepancy in your gem pack purchases, but I have addressed that in another topic I have posted

  4. Weapon ranges are almost always 1 square longer for the enemies than the Pcs. If you could do a trade off on range for damage I think it would give you more options. Saavrin’s access and bows do almost the same average damage, the bow only has a wider min/max. Maybe if the bow was 3 squares and the axes 2, but the axes had significantly (within reason) increased damage people would have more options to play around with and reasons to experiment with equipment combinations.

  5. Melee characters have very little difference in health/Ac as ranges Pcs. Also damages seem to be rather similar. It makes taunt rather unfulfilling and gives you very little reason to choose a make character over a ranged one.

Great game overall and I cannot wait to see what you have in store. Thanks for letting me rant! :grin:


I agree with all of your points, especially with respect to the ranged characters. It’s frustrating that the ranged enemies tend to have further ranges than your team, basically giving them free shots at your whole team while you have no ability to take them out or mitigate their attacks in any way until you clear out their defenders and move into range to attack them.


Where can I find this game


Just a heads up, once you start finding epic and legendary weapons, your characters can hit from the back rows. I myself have an epic bow for ranger and wand for warlock and can hit enemies in the back row from the back row.


Meh, I wound up quitting and deleting the game. I reached a point where I couldn’t bear to grind out that one repetitive challenge any more.


For the wizard, when you get her legendary staff, u can hit from the back row… and a 25%+ proc of firestorm (which hits all mobs at once… pretty strong)