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A Few QoL Improvement Suggestions

Hey all,
I think we’ve all experienced some quality of life issues @4-5 level and getting worse from there. I assume the devs are watching economy issues, and I hope tweaks are forthcoming.

Here are a few suggestions that I think would make game play more satisfying:

PvP Arena:
Allow users to dismiss chests without opening them. Keep timers and gem costs the same. This would allow active players to dump lower tier arena chests as they enter higher arenas.

Gold Sources:
Gold is frankly too scarce. A few tweaks would give some added gold without flooding the market:
-Allow players to sell any unequipped items/upgrades. Not just the three options Durban currently provides. (This also better simulates real dungeon crawls!)
-If a player makes a poor optimization choice in search of gold, they can get that gear again later.

Cost balancing
-Look at balance of gold/gem costs for starting events vs upgrades. They both seem high, but having an event start be the same as a mid-tier upgrade feels high is a gold poor game. And disensentivises the event.

This is a fun game that feels like a tactical dungeon battle. I’d like it to be my go to game, too. Right now? Feels too limited because of the fold scarcity. Thanks!

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