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A few questions about Clan Alphas

  1. How do they appear? If we kill level 1 - does a level 2 come next time? And if we fail to kill a level 2 alpha - does a level 1 appear next?

  2. What happens if you fail to kill an Alpha? No bonus keys at all?

  3. Is it possible to choose the level of the next alpha, like a duty chest? Because I assume that if they keep scaling up, it will be basically “a wasted day” followed by a “faceroll day”. Like, if 500k is easily doable, but 600k becomes a too big of a gap. Wouldn’t it make sense to just stick to what works without missing a day?

  4. What about leftover keys? I sit on 165 keys, and chances are tomorrow will be no different. If I open the 300 key chest - where will be remaining 30 go? Or should I cave in for 2nd spot and get 110 keys?


So many questions, but i can answer at least one
keys are given out according to your contribution to the boss battle. In the clan i’m part of i think 10 people participated and they got the following amount of keys

  1. 150
  2. 110
  3. 105
  4. 90
  5. 85
  6. 80
  7. 75
  8. 70
  9. 65
  10. 60

Also, yes i think you get 5 keys regardless of dmg done to the boss


Apologies for the bump, but seeing as today didn’t go quite according to plan, I’d like some clarifications before tomorrow:

1. What happens to the leftover keys? Do they work like energy, and any keys above 300 are eligible to be used for the next chest, or are they like duty keys - good only until you accept the chest, though in this case - only until the cap?

2. Did everyone fight the same Alpha - Green Death? And it was also 100k? When will Alphas scale? Because right now 2, 3 people tops - are enough to beat that 100k. I held back, hoping that more clanmates would attack and get into top 10, and I ended with place 3. Out of FOUR. Again. I could really use some clarification here, because at this rate I could just kick people out before the alpha battle. Both for myself and for the rest of the clan. And that’s the last thing I want, but that’s the only option if “100k” Alphas are going to be there for a while.


5k fish, 2x1* scale, 1x2* scale, 20 runes, 1* dragon and basic draft… That’s the level 1 chest. At least I now know that leftover keys are transferred over to the next chest!

And that the only solution to let 10 people particiapte - is to be thorough with kicking those that try to deal more than 15k damage. Sadly, this is a double-edged risk. Because while it can allow 10 people to try a 100k alpha, once the alphas scale… hopefully, you might want these “tryhards” back.

Given these pathetic rewards(seriously, Hard Duty chests give more rewards…), I didn’t yet bother with kicking people, but let other clan leaders be advised - you still have this option.


This is a new strategy for a game. Coordinating to keep damage down.