A few questions


What ways can you earn cash other than paying? Also when you fuse to make a hybrid do you lose the initial dinosaurs that help fuse to make a new one? And how do you level up a hybrid? Or superhybrid?

Also in the arena when you level up to a new arena can you still grt dna for dinosaurs in the previous level. For example in lost kingdom u can get dna for trex but in arena level 2 i dnt see it in the section. So do i have to level down to get incubators form arena level 1 to get trex dna?

Thank you


Cash is earned by supply drops (max 50/day), free cash sections (can’t guarantee it works 100%), leveling up and arena level up (still have to buy it; but you’ll get value packs, 2x or 3x the original value). Mostly if you have a level up value pack you can buy the arena up pack with the cash you got from that one. Buying VIP pretty much guarantees 50 cash / day if you play on a regular basis daily = 1500 cash / month.

Fusing doesn’t remove the dinosaur; only the DNA the fuse needs. Leveling hybrids happens by fusing 2 kind of dinosaurs. Only DNA will be used, not an entire dinosaur; it can’t level down either, for example.

In Arena you can still get incubator rewards from previous arenas but it becomes a huge gamble really; the only benefit here: the higher the arena, the better the reward / incubator. They increase slightly in higher arenas.