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A few random questions from a new player who just opened the Trade Harbour

  1. If I do a LP to Jurassic custom trade, do I have a chance to get a loyalty animal?

  2. I have about 200k DNA but I got offered a Koolasuchus from a DNA to Jurassic custom trade today. Shouldn’t it be based on my total DNA or was I just unlucky?

  3. Can a non VIP player get a loyalty animal from Trade Harbour? (kinda related with my first question)

1: No
2: No
3: No

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Damn… I really need Apatosaurus. Then I will use my free trial when I got the trade.

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Save LP for the loyalty packs. Use Coins to DNA/Jurassic in the custom trades.


There is some speculation that the creatures you get offered is slightly based on your park level, this has not been confirmed but you are better off from a resource perspective doing DNA or Coins to creatures.


The 2nd reason was cause of low level happens to me I’m at 64

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