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A few suggestion

  1. in the hatchery include the hatch time for each dinosaur.

  2. Allow purchase of more than one dinosaur of the same time. Currently, you can only buy a dino if you have 0 to hatch.

3)More decorations akin to those in Jurassic Park Builder.

  1. Create a new park for the Aquatic Dinosaurs akin to the way it’s done in Jurassic Park Builder. You can keep the aquatic stadium, but change its function in the game as maybe a place guests preview their Aquatic dinosaurs.

  2. Create a new park for the Cenozoic creatues akin to Jurassic Park Builder. In a similar way, the Cenozoic building could be a portal to this new park, which probably could be a new “island” property off the coast of Antarctica or the Artic.

  3. add the dinosaurs missing from Jurassic Park Builder

  4. in paddocks where there is more than one dinosaur, try to show at least a few more

  5. add people walking around park … roads are useless otherwise

  6. create bigger paddocks where similar creatures can co habitat. Ie. all the hero overs could run around together

That’s all I can think

Adding (people)/NPCs would add so much lag and same to more dinosaurs

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