A few suggestions for improved gameplay


After playing the game for a couple of days, beeing an old D&D player and having played similar games here are my first comments and suggestions for improved gameplay:

Overall I feel like this game has potential. The gameplay in-battle is pretty good, but could with small touches become a lot more interesting. The larger gameplay has more trouble though, since there is little to nothing to do in the game in the course of a day (open a free chest, fight a pvp battle to get a chest and do one adventure - wait a long time and repeat).

To start with the large-scale gameplay, here are three suggestions to give this game content:

  1. For one, I would suggest allowing us to sell unused Battlechests for 5/50/500/5000 gold (depending on rarity). This way we have a reason to keep fighting in PvP forever and slowly get better chests in a very conservative way.

  2. Add a “world map” where we can choose to go back to old battles and fight them when we want to.

  3. Reduce the timer on the free Sharpstone Keep achallenge to 1 hour, giving us reason to enter the game more frequenty.

In addition I would suggest making a few in-battle changes to make combat less monotone, and PvP trully interesting:

*To make the game more tactical and interesting I would suggest increasing the battlemap by one row of tiles in both directions, as well as allowing us to move beside and past opponents. Furthermore, range should also matter sideways and not just back/forth. In doing so, the battle-experience would be a lot more interesting, and new tactics would emerge. I have a feeling it wouldnt take all that much coding given what you have already done in terms of ranged attacks and so on.

In PvP it would also make sense to allow a surrender option after for example 3 rounds, since it is annoying to spend time on some of the fights that one obviously loses. Given that matching is random there is also no real way to abuse this.

As a final note I would also add that you might want to look at Hawk: Freedom Squadron for a good example of a game with a good mix of free continous content, monetization streams that work without beeing mandatory and generally good large-scale gameplay.

Let me know if you want me to elaborate.


The fact that we can’t go back and replay old levels to help grind is rather silly.
I agree with pretty much every point you made.