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A few suggestions I wanna add to the game

Hey Ludia, love the game you have as it is one of the better GPS-Orientated game in the app store so far. I would like to give some suggestions as a free-to-play user and no, I am not going to suggest “make the game free to play and remove your membership” as I find that really whiny and is more of a player’s choice to purchase membership. Hence, these are my suggestions:

  1. The capsule stations (is that what they’re called? those AI/PvE stations?)
    These were a remarkable add on to the game and I love it so much as it provides a fun interactive challenge to us players, and I think it can be improved further.

The 1st improvement will be allowing players to choose their dinosaurs not from their team, but rather their entire list as I feel that a lot of people would like to have specific dinosaurs while fighting certain event-themed AI teams, like the current Strike Event where people tend to use fast dinosaurs rather than slower ones.

The 2nd improvement is to make the losses reduce by one per 24 hours at a certain time. I feel that sometimes the event is a bit harsh when dealing with newer players and they try their hardest to get the rewards that is shown. And yes, I know, you should just raise your dinosaurs more so that you can fight it without losing, but sometimes the game’s RNG crits aren’t exactly the nicest. Hence, I feel that this can be implemented to make the game more free-to-play friendly and the effect might even bring in more money for Ludia as when the player tries and still cant clear the stage, they might be desperate enough to spend dinobucks to get that one extra chance to get the last reward when there is no time left.

  1. The spawn rates of certain dinosaurs
    When I’m talking about the spawn rate of dinosaurs, I do not mean that you should increase the rate of epics or rares, as I feel that is quite balanced. What I am talking about is the fact that I have seen more epics than Sarcosuchus, Einiasaurus, Majungasaurus and other common dinosaurs individually. The only crocodilia creature that spawns without rest is the Purrasaurus. So please make the spawn rate of these creatures more frequent as I am desperately trying to get more Sarcosuchus DNA.

All in all, this game is great and I really want to make it better and more free-to-play friendly while keeping the players who chose to pay at an advantage (I’m a free-to-play player btw), and if this game is more free-to-play friendly, more people will come and join in the fun and the chance of increasing paid membership will indefinitely increase too. So thanks and I hope you will take my suggestions into consideration!

The capsule stations you’re referring to are called ‘strike events’, just so ya know for future reference! I’m pretty sure its been suggested before to allow us to pick from our entire team for them previously…its something a lot of people are in favor of. Just a question of if it’ll happen.

For the spawn rates, are you familiar with the different zones, and how different dinosaurs can spawn in each?

Oh there are? Im not too familiar with it though, its just that I only see purrasaurus in my area

Yeah, there’s a total of four zones that dinosaurs spawn in. Some spawn in one, some in others…some are able to spawn globally. There’s a few that spawn almost only in parks or green spaces, and many times local businesses have chances to spawn specific ones as well :slight_smile:

Here’s a link that should help you out some…best bet is to look for commons that aren’t global spawns to know when you’ve crossed from one zone to another.

Alright, thanks dude :smiley: