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A few suggestions to improve the game

Hi everyone. I’m playing for a month now, and i have few suggestions.

  1. communication in the raid lobby.
    I think this should be a good thing, because people often start the raid when there isn’t enough players, and we can’t do anything to say wait for more. Or if the lobby is full, but we don’t have a healer, we can’t tell others, to bring something else.
  2. Don’t randomize my team too much.
    I think there should be one of every class when i starting a battle. It’s frustrating when i only lose when, for example, the enemy have a strong cunning, but the system didn’t gave me a resilient to counter it, otherwise, i would won.
  3. Option to turn off the visibility of certain elements on the map
    The main reason are the raid bosses. Sometimes they blocking dinos, and i can’t select them. It’s very annoying, especially when there is an epic t-rex there. Even when the bosses moving around there is sometimes a bug, when i select a dino to get dna, the system select the boss, even when it isn’t even near of the dino.
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I agree with point 1 and 3 but not with 2


@Cyrax76 If you are struggling with finding people that keep to a strat you can join my discord server for raids it has around 41 members rn

Number #1 definitely needs to be a thing. Even with Discord to organise you can’t keep swapping between raid and discord screens all the time (my phone boots me from the raid permanently if I try that). It would be a good idea to have a chat window in the lobby even if it’s just used to ask someone to pick a different and better creature.

With #2 I think the current method is fine. I would like variety so opening teams up to be 12 creatures rather than 8 would be my suggestion.

#3 is tough but yes, I can see that. I have had days where boss creatures block access to creatures I’m trying dart or even block getting to supply/event drops.

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#1 all time fix needed: WAITING FOR OPPONENT
either put CANCEL button
or reduce wait time from 60 secs to 30 secs
or COMBINE waiting & searching for opponent