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A few suggestions!

I’ve been playing for a few months now. And I have a few things I’d like to bring up.

  1. I noticed that the daily missions keep increasing. Which isn’t so bad, but I also think it should be a static amount. Fire x darts, get x direct hits so on and so on. I try to plan ahead since I work nights and where I work/live there are limited supply drops or dinosaurs etc. So for me it’s a logistics thing.

Also for those other players that live in limited areas because of xyz reasons the game is harder to play for them. For me, for the first four months that I’ve played I had to drive 5 miles away and then walk around a square mile area just to be able to play. Now it’s a little better. But could still be improved since mostly my map populated with Irritators or Suchomimus.

  1. Alliance Weekly Missions - I’ll preface this with my alliance only having 13 people and I think only 3 actually play… but the biggest one is the creature interaction objective. Feed, play and interact toys are capped at x amount/ day… WHY are play/feed not included within the interact objective? Technically… you are interacting with your dinosaurs…

  2. PvP Matching - currently takes forever. That’s really my only complaint. I mean, I’d almost rather there be bots just to speed it up.

  3. unique/legendary encounters - having a cap at one attempt is incredibly frustrating. ESPECIALLY since these encounters tend to be the MOST ERRATIC ones and make aiming incredibly difficult. I’ve averaged maybe 20 DNA an encounter. Maybe increase the cap to 3?

  4. fusing dna - I don’t even know where to begin with this RNG monstrosity other than it should either be a fixed amount or a minimum that meets or exceeds what is needed to fuse. Fusing 500+ DNA for 10 is sickening.

  5. experience to level - I don’t think it should just be tied to leveling creatures. It’s far too slow.

  6. creatures on maps/maps in general As I said in an above bullet… I had to drive 5+ miles or even go to the next city over to be able to play… please work on this.